Origen EcoResort – the best retreat center to revitalize in Medellin

A retreat center offers an inner peace for the individual enrolling in retreat activities. Origen EcoResort is the best retreat center to revitalize your body and soul. It creates a space of happiness, love, joy and peace for the people. They provide yoga retreat, which you can host by your own. They arrange some accommodation for the yoga retreats including yoga mats, blankets, cushions, and various other necessities.

Yoga retreat changes your life and leads a way to joy and adventure. Yoga is nothing but the simple exercises, asana and postures, which greatly helps in stress relief. It helps to discover your inner self and initiates a spiritual journey. The retreat plays a vital role in working with depression and stress. They can easily host people ranging from 8 to 24 per group, with all accommodation and facilities.


Activities of the Resort

Origen EcoResort arranges some activities to the retreat, which helps to enhance the purpose of the retreat. Some of the activities include massage therapy, herbal plant baths, cooking classes and instructions, healing treatments, tours and many more. These activities reduce the stress and revitalize your body with energy and supplements. They welcome people interested in teaching to share the inner thoughts and joy with them.


Origen EcoResort Amenities

The amenities present in the retreat center helps to improve the well being of the people by creating a space for enjoyment, peace and healing. Swimming pool, riverside beach, showers, dining, camp fire, lakes and much more creates good vibes for healing the past memories. Meditation gardens create a calm environment to rest your body and revive the soul in a better way.

The retreat center is surrounded by nature and stocked with distinct flora and fauna. They have sacred bamboo forests, birds, including toucans, butterflies of all sizes and colors, cats, and the giant iguanas.


About Origen EcoResort

Origen EcoResort is a dedicated retreat center, which has the sacred beauty of land that had been loved and cared for. This place creates a space of love, to heal and help to heal others. People enjoy being there because of the peace and nature surrounded by it. It creates a space for participants to reconnect with their spirits and power of the earth. They believe that the animals can heal better with their uncontrollable love and affection. Hence, they play a significant part in healing. To get more information about retreat center in Medellin, visit http://origenecoresort.com/



Vereda la Cuesta,

Barbosa, Antioquia, Colombia

Email: danielle@origenecoresort.com




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