Power Over Ethernet Market Trend, Key Players, Segmentation & Global Forecast to 2025

Market Scenario:

The global Power over Ethernet (PoE) market was valued at USD 446.1 million in 2015. The technology enables the transfer of data with electric signals over the paired ethernet cables to the PoE aided devices. Rising adoption of PoE and increasing energy cost in the commercial sector are anticipated to surge the industry growth over the forecast period.

Exponentially growing number of internet users and increasing demand for fast and cost-effective communication is expected to drive the industry growth. Furthermore, the increasing adoption of optical fiber cable for communication is also projected to contribute to the market growth over the forecast period.

Top Industry Players:

Key players include:

  • Maxim Integrated Products, Inc.
  • STMicroelectronics N.V.
  • Axis Communications AB
  • Broadcom Limited
  • Microsemi Corp.
  • Silicon Laboratories, Inc.
  • Linear Technology Corp

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Market Benefits

The benefits associated with VoIP phones which include ease of installation, low cost of communication, and maintenance has enhanced the deployment of VoIP phones, hence increasing the PoE market growth. Additionally, growing IoT industry has also augmented the growth of wireless access points. The wireless access points and VoIP phones are both compatible to the technology and hence powered with the ethernet cable augmenting the industry growth.

Market Segments:

The market is categorized based on products and applications of the industry. Based on the products, the technology can be segregated into power sourcing equipment (PSE) and powered devices (PD). The PD segment is estimated to contribute majorly to the industry with the share of over 50% in 2015 and is expected to grow over the forecast period. The growth can be attributed to rising demand of PoE enables devices which include IP cameras, wireless access points, and VoIP phones.

Based on the application, the technology is segmented to residential, commercial and industrial. The commercial segment includes healthcare, office buildings, retail and others. The PoE demand is led by the commercial segment applications owing to the high demand of technology based products from office for security & access control, connectivity applications.

Regional Analysis

North America is estimated to hold the key share in market owing to the increased demand attributed to power sourcing equipment and powered devices manufacturers in the region. Furthermore, Europe is also expected to witness steady growth owing to the growing automotive and healthcare industry in the region. Asia Pacific region is estimated to be the third largest market owing to the developing IT industry kin Japan, China and India and China as a manufacturing hub is also adopting the PoE technology leading to the growth of industry.

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