Salek Law Firm Expands Beyond Irvine

Irvine-based Salek Law Firm is has announced its expansion to several locations outside the City of Irvine. In doing so, Salek Law Firm says that it is able to extend its expertise in construction law, as well as providing much needed support for those seeking representation with sexual assault and personal injury cases.

With this expansion, Salek Law Firm seeks to provide construction, assault, and personal injury representation to residents of Bakersfield, Corona, Fresno, Riverside, Santa Ana, and San Bernardino Counties., The firm says that that its team is excited to also be able to offer its renowned legal expertise to a broader geographic area, allowing it to be of service to more people throughout Southern California.

Salek Law Firm says that it has the distinct recognition of being one of the few law firms that handles sexual assault cases in California. With this type of legal representation being vastly underrepresented, this expansion will allow more California residents to obtain much needed experienced legal representation. Both existing and new clients can count on Salek Law Firm to continue its stellar reputation in handling construction law cases of all kinds, says the firm.

Noting that it is committed to providing outstanding legal representation, Salek Law Firm says that it is invested in every case, seeking to get their clients timely results in the most effective manner possible. A solid reputation built on quality representation, as well as a genuine desire to achieve the best settlements possible, makes Salek Law Firm highly valued by its clients wherever they live, the firm adds For additional information about its upcoming expansion, as well as the legal services being offered, readers may visit the website Salek Law Firm or call 714-258-7800.

About Salek Law Firm: Salek Law Firm is an Irvine, California, based law firm specializing in construction law, personal injury and sexual assault cases since 2008. As one of the few law firms handling sexual assault cases throughout California, Salek Law Firm is committed to offering first-rate legal representation to those who need it most. Salek Law Firm also provides legal representation across several fields, such as employment, real estate, business, and wrongful death.

Company name: Salek Law Firm
Address: 2222 Martin, Suite 260
City: Irvine
State: California
Zip code: 92612
Telephone number: 714-258-7800
Email address:

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