12th February 2018: With SEO Vendor, companies in Palm Desert, California will get top-notch custom SEO services that will make a great difference in their businesses.

SEO Vendor provides SEO and web development services to large, medium and small companies, and even to start-ups. Their experience in internet marketing and search engine optimization ensures that businesses of any size will get the right infrastructure to attract prospects and clients. Now, the company is delighted to announce that they are expanding their services to the customers in Palm Desert, California.

In Palm Desert, SEO Vendor offers a range of one-of-a-kind services that would take their clients’ websites to the next level. Some of them include increasing the online visibility, achieving desired SEO results, link-building, SEO web design, on-page optimization, social media content marketing and more.

Moreover, the company offers a free Palm Desert SEO consultation with one of their SEO professionals, who will provide the customer with a guide on how to become noticeable on the Internet to be more competitive. In addition, he will outline an SEO improvement plan specifically for that company based on its industry, products, needs, demands, goals, competitors, and other factors.

More and more customers turn to SEO Vendor for help due to the following reasons:


  • The company offers professional and dedicated staff that knows how to guard against a Google ban and provide each website with a top organic search engine positioning.
  • Based on the client’s keywords, the website will get the best return-on-investment possible.
  • SEO in Palm Desert that adheres to the SEO code of ethics.
  • All advanced SEO services are hands-on and flexible based on the results and company’s current needs.


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