The Unsung Story Of a Beauty Queen: Kumari Fulbright

A perfect example of beauty with brains, Kumari Fulbright holds a degree in psychology from the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor and she has completed her Masters of Business Administration (MBA) in management from the University of South Florida. To further add to her knowledge and learning, she studied law at The University of Arizona’s James E Rogers College of Law. While studying law, she was selected for membership to the Arizona Journal of International and Comparative Law.

One can say that she brings forward a diverse educational and career background that extends to working for the empowerment of women to help them exercise their social rights and fight for themselves. Also, she has been working for the minority owned businesses with an aim to support them by winning government projects and contracts to entrepreneurs within the entertainment industry.

The sole inspiration behind the beauty queen’s Freedom Initiative Project is her own experience of change and transition. She holds a strong belief that with quality education, moral support and right kind of opportunities, women can handle all sorts of difficult circumstances coming across a true winner. Along with a dedicated team of volunteers, she has been continually working hard and making efforts to help women rise from abuse and other social evils. Kumari Fulbright is true sense, is an inspiration for the young generation.

Kumari S. Fulbright

8710 West Hillsborough Avenue

Suite 317

Tampa Florida 33615

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