Understanding Attribution Modelling in Google Analytics With Windsor

An attribution modeling in Google Analytics basically assigns values of credit to some defined channels across a buyer’s journey to conversion. In simple words, the digital marketing experts, as well as the data analysts, attribute credit to the specific parts of the journey they believe exactly got the conversion to a business. Even if you are not a data analyst you can make use of Google Analytics as it collects massive amounts of data and filters it into handy reports. This way being a business owner you can gain insight into the behavior of the visitors to your website.

You can also, take outside help wherein digital marketing experts like Windsor can help you discover more about what your customers are up to. You can uncover facts about your customer and how they decide to convert. Windsor can help you dive deeper into the conversion menu and explore more on the Multi-Channel Funnel Reports and Attributions.

Among the wealth of features that are available such platforms can help you show reports on the buyer’s journey in disparate ways. With the help of Google Analytics, Windsor can help you filter data using a different predefined set of attribution models that are available.  Though you might be already familiar with some key concepts of the attribution modeling software, yet for fully understanding the complex nature of such customizable tools, you can take some outside assistance.

With Windsor, you can be familiar and comfortable with some key terms like conversions, multi-channel funnel reports, attributions, etc. To know more about the digital marketing platform Windsor, you can also visit the website: https://www.windsor.ai/

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