Agriculture Robots Market: Segmentation and Opportunities, Top Manufacturers, Trends, Challenges and Forecast to 2025

Market Highlights

The ****** agricultural market is expected to witness significant demand owing to the growing demand of agricultural productivity through effective and efficient farming operations. Growing technological advancement such as mobility, sensing, navigation, and localization is projected to boost the industry growth. These robot enables safe, cost-effective, and efficient production of grains, horticulture, nursery crops, fruits, nuts and vegetables. Agriculture Robots are also referred as AgBots or FarmBots, or AgriBots. The industry is anticipated to rise owing to the growing population and increasing demand for enhanced agricultural production.

Recent technologies such as Geographic Information System (GIS), ****** Positioning System (GPS), precision farming with the help of big data is gaining traction in the market. Big data has also been extensively used by farmers in order to make better decision on planting, harvesting as well as fertilizing the crops. Furthermore, increasing government initiatives to adopt modern technologies and monitoring of crop condition for yield production are projectedto foster the AgBots industry. The trend for enhancing agricultural resources, in more sustainable and efficient way, is positively influencing the farmers along with growing demand in ****** food supply.

Key Players:

****** key players include AGCO Corporation, BouMatic Robotics B.V., Autonomous Solutions Inc. and Agribotix LLC. Vertical integration and licensing of technologies are the common strategies adopted by the industry to enhance their market presence. Other vendors in the market include Fullwood AB Electrolux, SAC, Blue River, Harvest Automation, GEA Farm Technologies, GeckoSystems, and Agrobot. In April 2017, AGCO Corporation launched MARS—Mobile Agricultural Robot Swarms, which are equipped with its own integrated planting units working in efficient and effective way to reduce manpower.

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Market Highlights:

Few other factors positively impacting the market includes prominence of AgBots in horticultural environment, penetration of harvesting robots or FarmBots in fruits and vegetable farming. Furthermore, shortage of agricultural workers along with increasing labor costs, and rising ****** population with prime need of food security are also anticipated to fuel the industry growth over the forecast period. Increasing application of precision agriculture & pesticide spraying, with rising demand for livestock farming, and also proliferation of robots in forestry applications are also considered to influence the market demand.

AgriBots are widely adopted for farming purpose owing to the benefits associated such as accuracy, fatigueless functioning, least human workforce interference, cost benefits, and faster task accomplishment. Additionally, few advanced technologies such as use of wireless sensors, drones & wearable penetration, driverless tractor, 3D print technology in agriculture are anticipated to drive the industry over the forecast period. High popularity of indoor farming, quicker adoption for automated technologies is further expected to contribute significantly to the AgBots market.

Market Segments:

AgBots market has been segmented on the basis of products and application. Based on products, the market is further segmented as Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV), Milking Robots, Material Management and, Driverless Tractor. The UAV segment is expected to depict highest market share over the forecast period. Milking Robots or automatic milking system is used to extract milk from cattle. This product would help in reducing the workforce costs with increased milk yield. Industrialization growth of the agriculture sector in countries such as India, China is likely to spur the growth of driverless tractors.

On the basis of application, market has been segmented as dairy management, field farming, soil management, and crop management. The growth of field robot deployment for fertilizing and weeding has anticipated to spur the ****** market for soil management segment. However, increasing awareness of farmers for software solutions available for field surveys and data analytics are few reasons to increase market for crop management application.

On the regional basis, North America is expected to contribute majorly owing to the highly adaptive consumers for new technology. The approvals from Federal Aviation Administration in the region have encouraged the application of products such as drones with improved imaging capabilities for better crop yield. The European nations have restructured the regulations for drone operations, which anticipates the growth in the region over the forecast period. The industrialization of the agriculture sector and increasing venture capitals are expected to create positive impact on the segment demand.

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