Exhaustive Instructions of Smartphone Waterproof Bag

In recent years, due to the use of mobile phones is more and more popular, more and more applications are being added into smartphones. Everywhere most people can’t live without mobile phones, even if when they go swimming or diving. So that mobile phone waterproof bag also came into being. Smartphone waterproof bag openings have a sophisticated seal, in our view it can prevent phone from the infiltration of water, playing a role in protecting the phone. In current mobile phone accessories market there are a lot of cheap popular waterproof bags attracting many consumers. However these waterproof bags are really useful?


In general, the waterproof bag for our mobile phone can play a protective role, but the key depends on how you use it. And also it depends on the quality of your choice of waterproof bag. Next Cell Phone Age com comes to tell you about the exhaustive using tips of waterproof bags. In the process we should know how to make our mobile phone get the best protection when in water.


Pay attention to the use of time

Any product has its most appropriate use of time, which is usually what we call the “shelf life.” Many products once used more than its “shelf life” they will get bad soon. The effect will be greatly reduced. So when using a phone waterproof bag you must pay attention not to be too frequent use, it is best to not use it in bad environment and have a regular replacement, to avoid the waterproof bag metamorphism because of the time is too long.


Make full check before using

When you get a waterproof bag, first of all do not rush to put our expensive mobile phone into it. You should first use a dry paper towel filled into waterproof bag, and then buckle the button, put bag into the bucket inside filled with water, waiting for a period of time to test the quality of Waterproof bag. If you finally find the paper towel is not wet it means waterproof bag can be trusted, this time can put the phone assured to it. If you find a wet trace of paper towels to prove that poor water resistance, this time you should not put the phone into.


Choose high quality mobile phone waterproof bag

Of course, the most important thing is choosing waterproof bag. Only the choice of high-quality products can offer relieved protection for our mobile phones. Then the following Cell Phone Age com teaches you how to distinguish high-quality mobile phone waterproof bags.


On Material, TPU material phone waterproof bag is excellent, with seamless bonding process, tough, lightweight, feel good, cold-resistant and not afraid of hot weather, waterproof level is up to ipx8. On Brands, Tebo Le, Oni Jie, Decathlon, odd color shell, bingo and other brands of waterproof bags are more famous, the quality is also better, the price is relatively cheap.


ABS plastic folder waterproof bag

  1. Composition: two pieces of material coincide, the three sides with plastic seal, on both up sides with a plastic clip.
  2. Sealing principle: plastic clip on both up short sides to achieve the sealing effect. Common failure reasons: plastic clip did not clamp pressure, no seal; plastic over-clip causes material extrusion rupture; left lower right three sides’ pressure plastic width is less as 1mm, easy to break.
  3. Material selection: the use of PVC materials, no environmental certification; can’t be used in cold or hot springs; PVC transparent window touch is poor, insensitive, perspective effect is poor.
  4. Accessories types: lanyard is thin as about 10mm, hanging neck it is not comfortable, easy to rope off to lost phone.

Summary: simple structure, easy to make, most are produced by small workshops which difficult to guarantee quality. PVC material has many defects. Once the seal is sealed, the phone will be discarded. It is recommended to use only in rain, and should pay attention to prevent from hanging off.


TPU zipper waterproof bag

  1. Composition: two pieces of material coincidence, the upper lower right three sides with pressure seal, long left side is connected to TPU zipper.
  2. Sealing principle: TPU zipper pull the left long side so as to achieve the first layer of sealing effect; left long side of the material sealed zipper roll 4 laps after the formation of the second layer sealing effect. Common failure reasons: TPU zipper did not pull tight lead to slight water seepage; bags are sharp objects strong poke through the water. Independent of the insurance seal, the first layer of sealing failure can also ensure the safety of mobile phones.
  3. Material selection: the use of TPU materials, environmental non-toxic; on both cold and hot spring occasions it can be used; TPU high-precision transparent window is touch sensitive, photographic perspective is good effect. But different brands choose TPU material also different.
  4. Accessories types: lanyard wider about 20mm, can be born shoulder, comfortable; arm bandwidth is comfortable.

Summary: complex structure but difficult to produce, the common foreign brands produced, small workshops can’t imitate. Sealed double insurance, even if the first layer of zipper off, the second layer of the seal can be 100% to ensure mobile phone security. Recommend for snorkeling, swimming, upstream, hot springs, skiing and other occasions.


The above is Cell Phone Age com for everyone shares various options of phone waterproof bag, and you can accord your own needs to buy. Also here remind you that before buying, you should be clear where you will use it, for swimming, diving or other reasons to buy. Most of the waterproof bags can meet daily waterproof function, but if you want to use it to dive and other activities that of long time and large pressure, you should choose a more superior professional waterproof bag.

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