RF GaN Technology Market Growth and New Market Opportunities Explored by 2023

Gallium nitride (GaN) is bandgap semiconductor (binary III-V direct) normally used in light emitting diodes. It has wide-band gap of 3.4 electron volts (eV). GaN offers high electron mobility, very high breakdown voltages, and saturation velocity.  It is ideal for high-temperature and high-power microwave applications such as high-voltage switching devices for power grids and RF power amplifiers at microwave frequencies.

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GaN materials have high breakdown field, which permits the GaN device to function at higher voltages compared to other semiconductor devices. GaN technology offers several advantages including higher operating temperature, higher operating voltage, higher power density, crack-resistant, and durable material among others.

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GaN are now finding widespread applications in commercial sectors. GaN is now used for low-frequency L, C and S-band RF applications including power management and cable TV. Currently, solution that employs GaN-based RF transistors is replacing the magnetrons used in microwave ovens.

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GaN-based devices were affordable only for military applications including high security communications systems, radar and development of electronic warfare.

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