SET 2018 entrance test day guide and important points to keep in mind

Preparing for an set entrance exam is as thrilling as it is stressful. But worry not, we’ve got your back on this. We understand that your examination day may seem daunting, so, we’re here with some quick examination tips that can help you ease out the process.

Practice past papers

This may well be a clichéd tip, it is there for a reason. It is time and again advised because of its importance, indeed. Solving past papers not only gives you an idea of your own speed, but also about the structure and the most important points you can score on. It also helps you to find out what is already known to you.

Good Health

Needless to say, your health should be one of the top most priorities and you should give it as much importance, if not more, as much to your studies and revision. So boost your health and make sure you get your daily dose of proteins, vitamins, calcium and all other nutrients you need for a healthy state of mind and body.

Brush up on the syllabus and structure

Your preparation would be insufficient if you know all the answers but not the structure of the test. You should know exactly how much time is to be spent on what question and when to move ahead. This is only possible if you are well versed with the entire structure of the set exam and know the weightage of each section.

Visit the exam center before the exam

Does this sound weird!?Well trust me it is not. It helps you a lot! That abundant stress that you have, before and during the set exam, gets pacified to a great extent. Doing this helps you in familiarizing with the space, vibe and overall ambiance of the examination center also and hence,makes your examination day a lot smoother, stress-free and overall less intimidating.

Prepare everything the night before

This is something your mom would say. And because she says so, you must definitely take this tip! When you’re ready with everything you need on your fingertips, before the examination, going to take the set entrance test becomes a lot seamless process.

You can’t learn everything and don’t beat yourself up for that. Rest your mind and give the exam your best shot. Hope these tips would help you in making your examination process easier!

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