Solo Guitars now offering an extensive variety of gift cards in both CAD and USD

Solo Guitars is among the best guitar sellers and repairing services providers in the entire Ontario area. Recently, they have introduced gift cards in both CAD as well as USD denominations.

Solo Guitars is a Canadian company that provides an extensive array of services related to guitars. The company is known for both sales as well as repair services for all kinds of guitars. One interesting thing about Solo Guitars is that they let their customers design their own guitars on the basis of their own preferences and requirements. In addition to this, the repair services provided by the company are claimed to be up to the par.

Solo Guitars is based in Ontario, Canada and is probably the largest guitar selling company in the entire area. As far as the DIY guitars are concerned, the company offers a variety of different kits to suit the needs of different types of users. These kits offer combinations of different items that might be used for building a guitar in the most perfect way.

The DIY guitar packages may contain different bodies, neck cavities, controls and pickups, and other similar items. In addition to this, the guitar also requires appropriate pilot holes. The guitar is usually manufactured using a wooden material that is properly sealed off to ensure protection against moisture and to provide the users with the perfect type of finishing required in a good guitar.

The company has managed to become renowned since it offers a variety of high-end guitars for saleaside from the repairing services. Recently, the company has introduced gift cards that might be cashed at different outlets for different guitar deals. These gift cards are available in both CAD as well as USD denominations including $25, $50 and $100.

As far as the DIY guitar kits are concerned, the company offers a variety of products to suit the requirements of different types of music players. Some of the most common choices include acoustic guitar kits, bass guitar kits, double neck guitar kits, electric guitar kits, mandolin kits, ukulele kits, violin kits, etc.

Solo Guitars also offers high-end guitar repairing facilities in exchange of highly nominal sums of money. The company has a team of highly skilled and experienced professionals who work on the repairing of all types of guitars with a high degree of competence. The rates charged for these repair services are pretty reasonable. The hourly rate is $70 while the minimum bench fee is $20. Different sums of money are charged for any spare parts installed into the guitars as well. The company claims to be the provider of the best guitar repairing services in the entire Ontario area. The owner of Solo Guitars claims to be passionate about guitars and music. So the claims made by the company regarding their services seem to be true.

Solo Music Gear

6295 Northam Dr, Unit 15

Mississauga, ON, Canada, L4V1W8

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