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Hair braiding is one of the greatest ways to keep your hair out of the face. Sometimes, hair braid gives more confidence for women, as it looks neat and perfect for any occasion. Xtension Envy LLC is the best hair extension salon in Scottsdale, which offers the perfect braids for their customers. It is well known for its best customer service. Nowadays, many women are fond of long hair and braiding styles.

The hair extension is the perfect solution for the women with short hair, who is dreaming about long hair. It adds more volume and length to your hair, making it look more attracting and dazzling.

Hair extension services

Xtension Envy LLC has certified technicians for their services, which ensures in making the perfect hairstyles and extensions. They offer various hair extension services, in Scottsdale and Phoenix. They are specialized in installing various hair extension services. Some of the hair extension services include

I Tip Extensions

I Tip hair extensions involves individual strands, which is to be attached to the original hair with beads. The hair extensions, which when maintained properly can last for 1 year.

Tape in Extensions

Tape in Extensions is the popular choice among people, as it is considered as the safest method of hair extension. These extensions are secure and look like the original hair. Usually, they are inserted into the normal hair. This extension lasts for 1 year, when it is properly maintained.

Weft Extensions

A weft extension helps the women to look more beautiful and stylish. Usually, this extension is started from one side of the head leading to the other side. The extensions are inserted by special bead sewing method.

Clip in Extensions

Clip in extensions are temporary use product, which is used for some special occasions, in order to get instant change over in looks.

About Xtension Envy LLC

Xtension Envy LLC is the best hair extension salon in Scottsdale, which offers professional haircuts, hair braiding, hair extension services, effective skin care, styling products and much more. They offer various plans to make their services more affordable and attainable. They provide full maintenance and service for the first haircut. They offer a free consultation call, in which one can get in contact with the hair extension salon to get clear details about the hair extension and related services. To get more details about hair extension and hair braiding, visit https://xtensionenvy.com/salon-services


9619 N Hayden Rd Suite 110B, Scottsdale, AZ, 85258, USA

Phone number: +1 480-836-9562

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