Self-Heating Food Packaging Market – Analysis, Reliability And Innovations In Technology

Self-heating food packaging is a type of packaging which has the ability to heat food contained without external heating sources or power. Self-heating food packaging use an exothermic chemical reaction to cook food. Self-heating food packaging is used when conventional cooking is not available, for example, during natural disasters or in military operations. To heat the food, the consumer has to simply press a button at the bottom of the package.

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The compact modular heat source in the self-heating food packaging is just the size of a small tea candle. This food-safe material which is utilized in self-heating packaging not only provides high energy content but also a controlled rate of thermal emissions, i.e., heat. The end result is the consumer gets the food heated in hand with less than two minutes. The material used in Self-heating food packaging is safe to use with no liquid spills, no smoke and flames, and is also easy to hold.

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The primary target market for self-heating food packaging are the companies producing beverages and shippable soups, particularly those beverages that can be served hot. Convenience innovation is driving the growth of self-heating food packaging market as a majority of the consumers or population follow a busy lifestyle and seek fast and easy-to-use options. A majority of the food packaging companies identify self-heating food packaging as a consumer need with large market opportunity, including the need to use latest technology.

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Production design is based on the existing high speed automated manufacturing machinery and process. Materials used are environmentally safe and also recyclable before and after activation and safe for disposal as consumer waste including recycling of these types of packages.

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