The Insightful Track on Buy to Let Mortgages

March 01 2018, Manchester: The dust is only beginning to settle the ‘credit crunch,’ and landlords & BTL mortgage lenders have begun to find some clarity of the buy-to-let mortgage market of the future will look like.Many landlords have been holding fire remortgaging or purchasing other residential investment properties waiting to find out matters ‘pan out’.

The Council of Mortgage Lenders has declared that buy-to-let lending annually accounted for just over 10 percent of all mortgage financing and that overall buy-to-let mortgages passed the million mark for the first time.Following the chaos of the previous six months, I believed it was worth looking at the buy-to-let mortgage business and discover what goes on.  Here’s the inside track on buy-to-let mortgages.


Most landlords know of the Financial Authority.  It had been started by the authorities to defend the interests of customers, and it currently governs a whole plethora of financial products from pensions into residential mortgages.

But, at the current time, buy-to-let mortgages aren’t regulated by the Financial Authority.  This is since they’re classed as a commercial item.  The premise is that individuals operating within this industry are ‘commercially conscious’ and don’t want the same amount of security.

How much deposit for a house?

Membership of the National Association of Commercial Finance Brokers (NACFB)is voluntary, and it lays out guidelines for the members to operate inside.  But, Landlords should remember that they don’t have any direct forces to act in the customer’s attention against anyone that violates this code though it does have its complaints and disciplinary processes to merchandise landlords against improper working practices by some of its associates.


Things aren’t all bad. It’s just due to this mild regulation that the UK has among the most aggressive mortgage markets in the world causing a constant selection of new and advanced buy-to-let products.  Regrettably light regulatory signature also suggests you will find a few ‘dodgy’ operators out there which could exist legally and earn money from innocent landlords.  Therefore landlords will need to be cautious about who they purchase through and the way the BTL mortgage merchandise is sold.

The structures in the buy-to-let sector are somewhat complicated because a number of those so-called suppliers such as the building societies may occasionally sell directly to the customer rather than via an intermediary.  Many landlords are now educated enough to store around among various BTL suppliers to ensure that we get the best bargain.

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Sam writes for Right Move Mortgages UK and has six years of experience in mortgage and debt consolidation industry.

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