Holographic Versatile Disc Market – Evolving Industry Trends and key Insights by 2025

Technological changes have radically changed the way of storing data. This advancement has led to the shift from conventional discs to holographic versatile disc which gives assurances to be a potential successor to technologies such as DVD and Blu-ray. With a promising and considerable future market. Holographic versatile disc technology can store terabytes of data on an optical disc.

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The Blu-ray disc can hold up to data of 25GB, while holographic versatile disc can hold data similar to more than 100 ordinary DVDs and with a transfer speed of above 1 gigabit per second. Holographic uses beams of laser to store digital data in three dimensions, rather than in two dimensions as in DVD and CD media to increase transfer speed and storage capacity. Holographic data storage archives data by the use of a pattern of optical interference with a photosensitive, thick optical material. It also uses the light properties to store large amount of data onto a single plate.

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The technology is rapidly gaining attention as a high capacity and high speed versatile disc storage technology. The holographic versatile disc has more storage capacity than conventional optical disc, reads and writes quickly and prices are expected to be slashed down, all these factors can lead to growth of holographic versatile disc market. However, the technological differences between holographic versatile disc and other optical discs make them mutually incompatible.

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Additionally, changes in recording technologies might also make successive generations of holographic versatile discs incompatible with each other. Holographic versatile disc has a very short shelf life of three years which tends to hinder the growth of holographic versatile disc market.

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