Play the minimal puzzle game BTW. to cross challenging levels

Playing the game on mobile is a really good source of mind refreshing. There are lots of different categories but the most amazing one is maze puzzle game. This type of games has no target only they are meant for fun & time pass. There are no complex strategies in the game. Other than this, these games are safe for children and they can also play it. It’s not age specific game.

One of such is btw. which is available in the Apple store for iOS version. It is very simple to play. The user-interface is quite friendly. The game is all about collecting the circles in the field through swiping the line. There are different levels and the user will automatically move further to next level when all the circles are collected. It’s really a fun oriented game.

The user can play this game anytime & anywhere. It can also make you addictive, as it is with the fantastic approach. Once you will play, you will get things clear. You can also move back to the previous level if you wish so.

Now move further to check out some of the facts about this game. The game is all full of good features which are useful from the user point of view.

Check out some interesting features about the game

  • Easy to play
  • Dozens of different levels
  • Good sound and music which is suitable to the game
  • The mute option is there to stop music and sound
  • You can move the line backwards
  • Toggles to switch the light
  • No target, no war & no violence
  • Easy to understand for everyone
  • Mind refreshing game

Price of btw app: The price of the app is $0.99 and unfortunately it is not free.

To download this game:

The app is available only in iOS version and there is no android version for this app.

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