The Market is segregated into two Major Segments which include Rehabilitation Robot’s and Robotics Surgery Market

The ****** healthcare market size was estimated USD 3.76 Billion in 2014 and is expected to witness significant growth over the forecast period. Healthcare robots are used in wide range of applications which include drug manufacturing, dispensing drugs to patients and moving inventory in medical supply facilities.

Increasing demand of the surgical robots such as da Vinci surgical systems is expected to intensify the market growth over the forecast period. These robots offers 3D HD vision systems for a magnified and clear view of patients body and assist doctors in various complex procedures with high precision and flexibility.

The healthcare centers are investing heavily on the robotics industry for minimizing the cost which include high cost manual label of operation and for greater flexibility of functioning of the healthcare. Majorly the healthcare centers are investing in automatic guided vehicles (AGVs) for transporting patient needs such as delivering meals, linens, nursing supplies, packages, sterile items, oxygen and gases, and pick-up trash.


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Increasing government subsidies for installing and implementing the healthcare robots in the countries such as China and India has further led to enhance the market growth. Another factor enhancing the industry growth is the workforce shortage in the sector. According to World Health Organization (WHO) report, 83 countries fall below the threshold of 22.8 skilled healthcare professionals per 10,000 population and 100 countries fall below the threshold of 34.5 skilled healthcare professionals per 10,000 populations.

The market is segregated into two major segments which include rehabilitation robots and robotics surgery market. The rehabilitation robotics consists of prosthetic robotics, exoskeleton robotic system, orthotic robotics, and therapeutic robotics. The robotics surgery market is further segregated based on the components and services which include robotic surgical systems, instruments and accessories, and services.

The robotic surgery holds the major share in the market owing to wide scale improvements in patient monitoring, and the ability to deliver better medical results with high accuracy and precision while implantation and component replacement in orthopedics is expected to enhance the market growth over the forecast period. The application of the robotics surgery includes gynecology, urology, and general surgery.


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Although, the high cost associated with healthcare robots induce the patients to go for normal treatment. However, emerging trends which include implementation of robotic in-patient rehabilitation programs and replacement of manual surgical assistance indicate the immense growth over the forecast period.

North America market is projected to dominate the market owing to increasing government spending in the healthcare infrastructure sector. U.S. is investing heavily in healthcare sector since the aging population has increased densely in metropolitan cities. According to the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery report in 2014, a total of 1,764,956 procedures have been carried out in cosmetic procedures.

The industry in APAC region is projected to grow enormously as the countries such as China, South Korea and India has been adopting healthcare robots in rehabilitation centers and hospitals. Furthermore, Japan is expected to lead the healthcare robotics industry owing to increase need for reduced lead time for addressing the patients and for aging population.

The key vendors dominating the market include Elekta, Mazor Robotics, Intuitive Surgical, Tecan Group, Qiagen, and Varian Medical System. Other companies include Titan Medicals, Curexo Technology, THINK Surgical, Hansen Medical, and Health Robotics.


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