Van Matre Construction, LLC Installs Foundation Drains to Fix Wet Basement Problems

A wet basement brings many problems to homeowners, from property destruction to harmful mold. Residents looking to eliminate their wet basement problem can go to Van Matre Construction, LLC.

[Lafayette, 4/12/2018] — Many homeowners face the problem of having a wet basement. The American Society of Home Inspectors, in fact, estimates that 60 percent of U.S. homes have a soggy basement. A wet basement is more than a mere nuisance, as it has serious consequences to residents.

Downsides of Having a Wet Basement

According to an article by This Old House, one of the negative effects of a damp basement is property damage. If the basement features a finished living space, moisture can destroy the area’s framing, drywall, and carpeting. Moreover, even if homeowners use their basement only for storage purposes, condensation can buckle the hardwood flooring above the basement.

Apart from causing damage, moist basements are the ideal breeding ground for hazardous mold. An article from The Washington Post noted that mold begins to grow in a damp corner and eventually discharges loads of tiny spores in the air. These spores irritate the airways, skin, nose, and eyes. If the individual has asthma, he/she may begin wheezing or have an asthma attack.

Solving Wet Basement Problems with Fountain Drains

Fortunately, a solution exists for homeowners who need to get rid of their wet basement issue. Residents who have a damp crawlspace or basement, but have decent exterior grading can opt to install a fountain drain. They can turn to Van Matre Construction, LLC if they need a professional to install a fountain drain in their home.

When Van Matre Construction, LLC installs a fountain drain in a home, the company uses only premium materials. Additionally, the company uses a solid plastic backing called AquaDrain, which stops water from leaking. Customers can count on the contractors to complete the installation project on time and budget.

About Van Matre Construction, LLC

Van Matre Construction, LLC is a Colorado-based foundation repair company that provides cost-effective and customized solutions to home structural issues. Brady Van Matre, the owner of the business, established the company in 2001 and had since built the business through honesty, excellent client communication, and competitive pricing. Customers can trust the company to perform quality work, as it has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

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