Electric Traction Systems Market – Increased Rate of Urbanization to Encourage Demand across Globe

Electric traction systems are most commonly seen in propulsion of railway vehicles. In general, diesel, steam and electric based traction systems are covered under traction systems. Under the scope of this report, electric traction systems are covered. Urbanization coupled with technological developments are the major drivers of the electric traction systems market globally.

Among the different types of rolling stocks, electric traction systems are most commonly utilized for railways. Hence, the growing railway connectivity globally, coupled with environmental concerns, has been promoting the demand for electric traction systems. North America and Asia Pacific have been witnessing higher adoption of diesel-electric engines and electric engines. This shift is primarily due to the advantages offered by electric traction systems over diesel or steam systems.

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Moreover, hybrid engines are being adopted in several developed nations. Such modernizations are anticipated to boost the demand for electric traction systems globally.Suburban railways such as trams, metros and intercity high speed networks are being planned across several major cities, which in turn are propelling the growth of electric traction systems market globally.

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