Experience and Explore the Breathtaking Adventures of the South with Garlic Holiday

Garlic holidays, a travel operator in Kerala are now offering exclusive adventure tour packages to explore the wilderness of Wayanad. The main reason for the travel operators to include Wayanad as the main destination for this exclusive package is to develop the place to one of the best adventure travel destinations and to explore the possibility of the place to be developed as an adventure hub. Being an adventure package the different adventures that are made available to the travellers include paragliding, rock climbing, mountain cycling, and more. Special offers are provided for the first 5 bookings. Apart from Wayanad some of the other travel destinations included in the adventure packages organised include the misty hills of Munnar and Idukki. The travel operators also organise customized packages allowing the travellers to choose their destination of interest letting them make their day special in place they love. The travel operators provide packages of the varied price range.

The low-cost adventure travel packages organised to the best travel destinations of Kerala includes tour package from a price range of 4567/INR whereas the luxury travel packages organised starts from 7654/INR. All the travel packages organised include the basic facilities like high-speed Wi-Fi, best accommodation facilities with complimentary breakfast and a travel guide whereas the luxury package would include additional benefits where they could enjoy any 2 adventure sports for free. Customized packages are excluded from the offers.  The packages offered do not include any travel expenses like the air tickets. Tourist planning includes all the travel expenses into the adventure packages are free to do so but will have to pay extra for the tickets. For more enquiries about the packages, and the different offers provided, the travellers are free to log in to the official site of Garlic holidays. Travellers are also free to avail the call facility or the chat support which are made available on the site for more queries regarding the travel. Filled with all the adventure and excitements to the Western Ghats garlic holiday is all set to offer the travellers with some of the best adventure trips to the south.

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