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Worldwide, osteoporosis causes over 8.9 million fractures annually, leading to associate degree osteoporotic fracture each three seconds. Osteoporosis is calculable to have an effect on two hundred million women worldwide – about one-tenth of women aged sixty, twenty percent of women aged seventy, two-fifths of women aged eighty and two-thirds of women aged ninety.

Osteoporosis affects a calculable seventy five million individuals in Europe, USA and Japan. Worldwide, one in three women over age fifty can experience osteoporotic fractures, as can one in five men aged over fifty. By 2050, the worldwide incidence of hip fracture in men is projected to extend by 310% and 240% in women, compared to rates in 1990. The combined lifespan risk for hip, forearm and bone fractures coming to clinical attention is around 400th, corresponding to the chance for cardiovascular disease.

Osteoporosis takes a large personal and economic toll. A previous fracture is related to an eighty six accrued risk of any fracture. Though low BMD confers enlarged risk for fracture, most fractures occur in postmenopausal women and older men at moderate risk. In women over forty five years old-time, osteoporosis accounts for a lot of days spent in hospital than several different diseases, together with polygenic disease, MI and carcinoma. Proof suggests that several women World Health Organization sustain a fragility fracture aren’t fittingly diagnosed and treated for probable osteoporosis. the good majority of people at high risk (possibly 80%), World Health Organization have already had at least one osteoporotic fracture, are neither known nor treated. an IOF survey, conducted in eleven countries, showed denial of personal risk by postmenopausal women, lack of dialogue regarding osteoporosis with their doctor, and restricted access to designation and treatment before the primary fracture lead to underdiagnosis and undertreatment of the disease

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Key trends and restrains

The major drivers for the expansion of this market are the increasing aging population, increasing adoption of advancements in medical technologies, and growing attention expenditure and awareness.

Rising trends, that have an instantaneous impact on the dynamics of the orthopedical device industry, increasing demand for good implants, the widening use of nanotechnologies, and therefore the adoption of robotic surgery to extend mechanical performance and accuracy.

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North America is geographically segmented into USA and Canada. The overall market is to witness a growth of CAGR of 4.94% and a forecasted market value of USD 15.56 billion by 2021

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The major companies dominating the Orthopedic Devices market in this region are Medtronic, Stryker, Zimmer Inc., DePuy, Synthes, Smith & Nephew, and Biomet.

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