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Sprint Loans realized people weren’t able to apply for short term cash loans quickly and easily. Often people were having to apply to multiple lenders with long forms and then wait a long time to hear back. Sometimes customers need loans for emergency situations or unexpected extra bills. They understand that people may need money for medical care unexpectedly, a broken down car, or emergency purchases, so they offer an easy access process to get credit. Sprint Loans aims to provide an easy and simple service so people can access small loans fast.

Their website is now live at where customers can apply for their loans. The simple online application form is one page long, making the application process fast and simple. It can be completed any time of the day online or on a mobile device. There is no fee to apply and Sprint Loans has worked hard to make sure the whole process is as secure as possible.

The online application form asks for details on the loan amount and purpose, as well as personal details, employment and housing status, and proof of 90 days’ worth of bank statements. Once this information has been received, Sprint Loans will assess the application quickly and offer you a loan. If they cannot proceed, then instead of just saying ‘no’, they will find and match customers with other lenders. They have a panel of small cash loan lenders, so they can easily see if customers qualify and match the requirements of another lender. This saves time and hassle for customers. Matched lenders will normally be in touch with customers within 15 minutes, and if customers do not here from Sprint Loans within 45 minutes, it means no lender or loan has been found.

Sprint Loans is offering a simple and quick online process so customers can get a cash loan. They aim to save both time and effort, by reducing the amount of lenders customers have to go to, and instead trying to match customers to their existing panel of lenders. For loads of up to $4,500, they are making the system hassle-free and easy. Sometimes they will be able to offer a loan and the money into accounts within a day.

Sprint Loans’ website is aiming to take the hard work out of trying to find an online cash loan. They will offer online payday loans as well as short and long term options. The process is simple and easy through their completely online application form. It is free and easy to apply, and simple to access an online fast cash loan.

Contact details:
14 / 50 Ross Street
Toorak, Victoria, 3142

Phone: 490787522

Sprint Loans

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