Rockwall Electric Meets Demand for LED Lighting Services

The Rockwall-based electric company helps homeowners achieve energy savings through its LED lighting solutions.

[ROCKWALL, 6/12/2018] – Rockwall Electric recognizes the demand for energy-efficient lighting technologies. As such, the licensed and insured electricians offer LED lighting solutions for residential customers.

The company says, “LED lighting is currently available in a wide variety of home and industrial products, and the list is growing every year. The rapid development of LED technology leads to more products and improved manufacturing efficiency, which also results in lower prices.”

An Energy-Efficient Alternative

Rockwall Electric helps homes reduce costs by upgrading them to energy-efficient LED lights. LED is more cost-effective than standard incandescent lights because it runs on a low voltage supply, has a longer lifespan, can withstand extreme conditions, and is low-maintenance.

The company provides custom LED services that combine luxury and functionality. Homeowners will benefit from improved energy savings and lighting designs that suit their lifestyle.

The Perfect Domestic LED Lighting Solutions

As a leading electrician and installer of LED lights in Rockwall, the company advises homeowners on what type of LED lighting fixture works best for their home.

The company fits various types of LED lights including standard bulbs, candle bulbs, spotlights, panel lights, downlights, and more. With experienced and friendly technicians, customers can count on a lighting solution that would lower their energy consumption as well as the cost of their bills.

Residential ENERGY STAR-rated LEDs, Rockwall Electric explains, use at least 75 percent less energy and functions 25 times longer than incandescent lights.

About Rockwall Electric

Rockwall Electric solves the electrical needs of homes and businesses in Rockwall and surrounding areas, including Plano, Mesquite, Wylie, and more. Since 1992, the family-owned and operated company in Texas has been providing exceptional electrical services, including troubleshooting and repairs, surge protection, LED lighting, grounding and bonding, and more.

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