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Famous ghazal singer and IAS Dr. Hari Om IAS is going to release his fourth album Rang ka Dariya on 21 January 2018 at Novotel Hotel Gomti Nagar Lucknow. The album consists of total 6 ghazals in which 5 ghazalzs are written by Dr. Hari Om IAS and one ghazal by Ex IAS Anees Ansari. “Ro chuke jinke liye rona tha, khatam ashkon ko kabhi hona tha” is one of the ghazal from album Rang ka Dariya which will be release tomorrow. He is a huge fan of Mehdi Hassan, K. J. Yesudas and Ilaiyaraaja. He loves the songs of Sadma ‘Ae zindagi gale laga le’ and ‘Surmayi akhiyon me’.
He is a man with golden soul and is polite in nature. His harmonious voice has bewitched all its listeners. He is widely known as a ghazal singer in Lucknow, India. He came to the spotlight when he released his new song  Socha Na Tha Zindagi online and his music albums include Intisaab and Roshani Ke Pankh etc. Even in the busy office schedules, the officer makes it a point to do his ‘riyaz’ for at least two hours every day. The rest of the free time is spent in writing and compositions, he added. He is a graduate from the University of Allahabad and post-graduate from Jawaharlal Nehru University. He was attracted to the world of songs from his childhood.

Employee Financial Wellness And Its Impact On Canadian Businesses

No matter what business you’re in or how many people work for you, your employees are likely among your key assets. Your business probably wouldn’t be successful without them. And your business functions best when they are at their best.

Through research carried out in 2014, Manulife has established that there is a strong relationship between personal financial wellness, physical and emotional health, and productivity. We are of the view that to keep employees engaged, and to keep productivity optimal, employees need to be physically and emotionally healthy, and they need to be financially well, too.

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“Face to Face” is a point of discussion for ball games. It is not because of scoring, but because of your efforts throughout the game. You learn tolerance and respect, learn from each other, then united as a team, which is the purpose of “Face to Face”. We also hope that we can create new elements through co-operation with different people. watarikappa and cosmos online shop

Choose Employee Recognition in Singapore

employee recognition programFinding affordable ways to provide recognition to employees and staff is very important to generate the momentum for growth that will take a business to the next level of productivity. The recent economic decline has required an adjustment in many operating budgets that resulted in the elimination of most employee recognition programs. This, coupled with the reduction in staff can have a significant impact on productivity.

Building productivity and morale can be very easy if a company uses the correct tools and strategies. Taking into account that most staff are very fearful, frustrated, and discouraged about the current economic trends, a company can take many steps that are cost-effective to provide the kind of recognition that is required to increase productivity.

Benefits of Foreigner Loan Singapore for Financial Aid

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You may face a catastrophe in the financial aspect when in a new location that makes the situation much more challenging. It’s possible that you will need to change arranges and clear a path for your house or arrange some emergency trade out the new and foreign land. On the off chance that you’re not of the local location, it turns out to be much more difficult to organize the cash if you don’t have the assistance of friends or companions and loved ones. In this circumstance benefiting a foreigner loan Singapore can provide you the needful money to take care of a budgetary emergency in a foreign place.

WPS Announces Faster & Lighter Office Business Edition with a free 30 Day Trial

17, January 2018: A faster, lighter and more efficient office suite program is now available for business users to carry out all office documents related works with ease and more convenience. The attractive suite of tools includes new and more creative capabilities for users to work with writers, presentations and spreadsheets. Receives Positive Feedback from Customers for Being the Most Reliable SEO Service in South Florida

Boca Raton, Florida, Jan 17th 2018 – has continued to receive positive feedback from customers for being the best and most reliable SEO Company in South Florida. Many customers who have been served by the company say that they have had a good customer experience and that they would recommend the service to anyone who is looking for the best SEO South Florida service. A significant number of customers have said that they have reported an increase in the ranking of their website and that customers have been flocking in for those who are selling products and services.

Use and advantage of HDR of the dash cam

When we mention HDR, many consumers may know that many high-end dash cam has this function, but they don’t know what function and advantage it is. Generally speaking, HDR makes the video clear in any light environment.

Use and advantage of HDR of the dash cam

1, the use of the HDR of the dash cam

Why does the middle/low-end dash cam not have this function? Because HDR needs high-performance chip and COMS in dealing with video. Based on the cost, middle/low- end dash cam don’t use this element. Therefore, HDR becomes a standard for consumers in selecting high-end dash cam.

MKB Bedrijfszaken Announces To Offer Dependable Solutions to Save Business Costs & Increase Profitability

15, January 2018: There could be several kinds of unnecessary costs that a business can cease to spend on them to increase their profitability. With a few presses of the button, one can now learn how they can save on business costs. MKB Bedrijfszaken brings this cost-saving solution that a business can explore without any obligation. Moreover, they also offer a free quote for any business that wants to save money by eliminating unnecessary costs.

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