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When selecting a dash cam, what problem should you consider?

As people pay more attention to driving security, the dash cam has become one of the most important electronic parts installed by the majority of drivers after the purchase of the car. So now that there are thousands of dash cam types on the market, how do we choose a suitable one?

First, we should know about the function of the dash cam.

1, safeguard the legal rights and interests. When running into pedestrians and bicycles and motorcycles crossing the road, you may be blackmailed in the event of a scratch. Drivers with car video recorder can provide valid evidence for themselves.

Is it necessary to buy a dual lens dash cam?

Dual lens means that it can see the front and the inside of the car, and also shoot clear license plate 4 meters behind the car. It is better and more expensive than a single lens.

Is it necessary to buy a dual lens dash cam

One of the purposes of buying a dash cam is to prevent racketeers. These people often wait for the target car on the road, and then run into this car. In general, they run into in the front of the car, unless you reverse the car. One of the two rear cameras is to record rear-end collision, the rear-end collision general is rear responsibility, your evidence is useless.

How to maintain the dash cam

In fact, there are a lot of factor about affecting the clarity of the dash cam. As long as we learn some skill, it can bring more clear image.

1, please tear off the film on the lens of the dash cam that you bought and clean the lens.

Some regular factory will stick a film on the best front and rear dash cam lens to protect the lens before leaving the factory. But when using, we should tear down, otherwise, it will affect the effect. In addition, after long time use, the dash cam lens-like eye will be tainted with our fingerprints and other dust. So we must clean the lens to see and record clearly the scene.

How do we select the wide angle of the dash cam?

In normal, it is necessary to have big shooting angle to record surrounding situation of the vehicle. In order to reduce blind area, a lot of dual camera dash cam use wide angle lens. Here, it is noticed that the bigger wide angle is not better, you’d better buy a suitable one according to your needs. Although wide angle can reduce blind area, bigger wide angle, the image has a serious deformation and the distance and angle will be distorted. Therefore, the over-big wide angle has some influence for the video, you should be careful in selecting.

How do we select the wide angle of the dash cam?

United States Gas Detectors and Analyzers Market 2018- Mettler Toledo, Detcon, Extech 0Instruments, Praxair, Emerson, ENMET, Thermo Fisher Scientific

gas detectors and analyzers market 2018

The report Gas Detectors and Analyzers Market 2018 presents a widespread and fundamental study of Gas Detectors and Analyzers industry along with the analysis of subjective aspects which will provide key business insights to the readers. The United States Gas Detectors and Analyzers Market 2018 research report offers the analytical view of the industry by studying different factors like Gas Detectors and Analyzers market growth, consumption volume, market trends and Gas Detectors and Analyzers industry cost structures during the forecast period 2018-2022.

Form Direct Provides Heavy Duty Concrete Screeds for Commercial Construction

Many commercial construction companies require an excellent finish in their flatwork projects. Form Direct offers different types of concrete screeds that can ease the process of flattening and smoothing concrete.

[Svensson Heights, 17/01/2018]-Flatwork projects require certain tools and equipment to achieve a flat and smooth concrete floor. A common piece of equipment that helps concrete construction workers achieve this is the concrete screed. This equipment comes in the form of a thin overlay that is capable of striking off concrete to make it flat and level.

Using a Concrete Screed

One of the biggest Coal plants in India installs Tega’s ALIGN-X rollers

ALIGN-X rollers (1.8 Mn.), specially designed to fit any conveyor stringer frame and heavy duty operations, has been installed by one of the biggest coal plants in India

Conveyor mistracking is the most critical problem of the Belt conveying system. When the belt starts mistracking or drift off-center, it damages belt edge, roller bracket, stringer frame and causes material spillage. This result in reduced efficiency of the conveying process and increased operation & maintenance cost. Tega ALIGN-X corrects any such mistracking automatically and ensures that the belt runs in true TEGA philosophy– “Spillage Free: Maintenance Free: Power Optimized Conveyor Belts”.

Use and advantage of HDR of the dash cam

When we mention HDR, many consumers may know that many high-end dash cam has this function, but they don’t know what function and advantage it is. Generally speaking, HDR makes the video clear in any light environment.

Use and advantage of HDR of the dash cam

1, the use of the HDR of the dash cam

Why does the middle/low-end dash cam not have this function? Because HDR needs high-performance chip and COMS in dealing with video. Based on the cost, middle/low- end dash cam don’t use this element. Therefore, HDR becomes a standard for consumers in selecting high-end dash cam.

Castaway Components: Helping your daily chores

In our fast moving life we do not have time for minute things that are actually the building blocks of our existence. We only realise their importance when they are lost, damaged or unavailable in urgent situations. Castaway Components is one such company that has dedicated its efforts, innovations, planning and experience to take care of such complexities that we are highly likely to face in our lifetime.

Due to their quality of products and other services they have a competitive edge over other zinc die casting companies and manufacturers. Their range of products covers fashion, hardware and promotional industries that are the basic building blocks of these industries. The following are the various kinds of products that they specialise in:

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