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Am I Psychic?               For Immediate Release



“Am I Psychic?” is the first mobile app that uses established scientific protocols combined with a stylistic art design to test psychic ability. “Am I Psychic?” uses established scientific parapsychological research into random number generators, along with the mind-body connection of the user to effectively test, and allow the user to practice their psychic ability.

Smart Home Digital Assistant Market Technological advancements By 2025

​Smart Home Digital Assistant Market is an application program which can complete electronic tasks for the user by understanding the natural language. Earlier, such tasks included reading text, taking dictation, reading email or text messages aloud, placing calls and reminding the user about the appointments. The advanced digital assistants are programmed with machine learning, voice recognition technology and artificial intelligence. The artificial intelligence (AI) programming uses sophisticated algorithms to recognize the input data and improvise in predicting the end-user’s needs when the user interacts with the digital assistant. Technological advancements in smart home digital assistant industry will be more advanced with cognitive computing technologies enabling digital assistant to understand and perform complex tasks.

Smart Earbuds Market Lucrative in Various Segemts

​Smart Earbuds Market is a technically advanced in-ear electronic device which is designed for various purposes including wireless communication, music listening, fitness tracking, medical monitoring and more. Smart earbuds are light in weight, durable and have a longer battery life. A smart earbud provides a good quality sound in a light and convenient form factor. A smart earbud can not only help boost hearing and nullify disturbing noise, but also helps in making phone calls and listening to high quality music hands-free.

Smart Dust Market Innovation of Advanced Technologies by 2025

​The current ultramodern technologies are prominently focusing on miniaturization and automation. The increased connectivity, decreasing computing device size, and increasing communication with the physical world have characterized computing’s history. Recently, the popularity of small computing devices, such as cell phones and hand held computers, diminishing size and cost of sensors, rapidly flourishing internet group and decreasing size of transistors have mainly accelerated technological developments in Smart Dust Market.

Smart Connected Street Lights Market Trends Forecast By 2025

​The current imbalance of ecosystem has transformed the traditional way of doing business. The companies are adopting ‘greener’ strategies to support the sustainable development globally. Moreover, the public and private sectors are joining forces to encourage the adoption of smart cities worldwide. Lighting is one of the major prospects in rapidly evolving smart technologies. The ideal smart lights consists of solar panels, lightings, batteries, and network devices for communication. The Smart Connected Street Lights Market is highly influenced by the growing concerns for greener environment. The smart lighting is considered to be one of the most efficient technology contributing for energy conservation.

Shingled Magnetic Recording Devices Market Value chain and stakeholder analysis By 2025

​Shingled Magnetic Recording Devices Market is the rapidly growing data recording technology due to the demand for improved storage density and to recover data from archived hard disk drives. SMR is a magnetic recording hard disk drive designed to increase platter density or tracks per inch. The growing demand for high storage capacity, quick data access and cost effective storage device altogether helps in the development of storage recording technology. Shingled magnetic recording has been developed to increase density or to overcome the challenges faced by traditional perpendicular magnetic recording (PMR). Shingled recording writes new tracks that overlap part of the previously written magnetic track, leaving the previous track narrower and allowing for higher track density. In SMR, data is stored in blocks that overlap one another allowing twice the data to be stored in the same physical space that maximizes the existing disk architecture and greatly reduces the expenses associated with production. As a result, vendors can achieve the required storage gains while keeping low cost in the process.

Global Transparent Conductive Film for Display Market Professional Survey and In-depth Analysis Research Report Forecast to 2023

Market Synopsis of Transparent Conductive film for display system Market:
Market Scenario:
The Transparent Conductive film for display is an electricity-conducting devices that is manufactured in photovoltaic and touch-screen modules, making it highly attuned to being used in a wide range of consumer electronics. This market is highly fragmented and complex in nature. There are numerous players creating a perfect competitive environment. The market is growing primarily due to rising demand for touch enabled devices as transparent conducting material is sorely needed for touch screens. The explosion of a display technology is reliant on a key component that is both transparent and able to conduct electrical charge.
The study indicates that the smartphone segment is expected to lead the transparent conductive films market as the material so unique that it has a high conductivity, which helps electronics conduct more electricity and become more powerful. Transparent Conductive film for display is commonly-used in transparent conductive film production technologies and is made of indium tin oxide. The LCD displays are at the forefront of the market. The increasing use of organic light-emitting diodes technology in lighting will consume significant quantities of transparent conductive films.  OLED lighting has been a niche market with high manufacturing costs and expensive products.  However, this OLED has significant adoption of the technology over the next few years.
The global Transparent Conductive film for display market is expected to grow at USD$ ~5.74 Billion by 2023, at ~8.8% of CAGR between 2017 and 2023. 

Service Delivery Platform Market Technological breakthroughs By 2025

​Service Delivery Platform Market denotes a set of hardware and software components, which help in creating, delivering, and managing services offered over a telecommunications network. SDP is commonly used in the context of telecommunications, but it can be applied to any system that provides a service including voice over internet protocol (VOIP) telephone, internet protocol TV, internet service, or SaaS. SDP is a framework that is oriented to multiple networks, supports a variety of applications, and delivers comprehensive services to users. SDPs require integration of IT capabilities and the creation of services that cross technology and network boundaries and provides a platform for session control, service creation, protocols and execution to the end users. This system serves both individual customers as well as business organizations.

Server-based Storage Market : Emergence of Advanced Technologies and Global Industry Analysis

The server-based storage solutions are gaining importance and ‘all-flash arrays’ are not the only option to achieve high level of performance for enterprise applications. Server-based storage is a dedicated external storage solution built according to industry-standard servers.

It creates a pool of storage that can be accessed by any application server in the environment and the approach delivers increased flexibility, and performance at a lower cost for future growth.

Server based storage is a quick, simple and cost-effective way of managing applications. It also provides benefits such as elasticity, resilience, scalability and performance.

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