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Visible Light Communication Market: Poor Infrastructure for Seamless Adoption of VLC Hampers Market


The growing number of Internet users and increasing demand for communication technology have collectively resulted in an increased demand for visible light communication (VLC) solutions. The fact that the maximum wireless traffic emerges indoors that are also well illuminated has significantly augmented the application of visible light communication in retail indoor positioning. The demand from retailers to improve the shopping experience of retail consumers by notifying them about product offers while shopping requires a technology such as VLC to deliver accurate and quick results. Thus, in the coming years, VLC is expected to compete with technologies such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to help retailers increase footfalls by challenging the emergence of e-commerce.

Transactional Content Services Market: Emergence of advanced technologies and global industry analysis 2025


Transactional content management is a methodology that helps organizations conduct effective business with their partners, customers, and vendors. The transactional content service takes place in stages such as data capture from various sources, classification of data, extraction of classified data into different applications, validation of process that involves data to confirm its accuracy and integrity, and exporting it in the desired format. This service pays attention to the transaction rather than the entire business process. This differentiates it from business process services, making it more precise and focused as a service. Thus, transaction content service is one of the most important segments of business process services and therefore, once transactional content is captured, it can be integrated with business process services.

Reciprocating Compressors Market: Industrial Process Gas Reciprocating Compressors Remain Preferred Choice of Compressors


The China reciprocating compressors has been witnessing a burgeoning demand over the past few years despite intensifying competition from the screw and centrifugal compressors. The cost-efficiency of reciprocating compressors and the increasing need to replace the old ones has created a positive outlook for the reciprocating compressors market in China in the past few years. The industrial sector is expected to steer the demand for reciprocating compressors in the near future as the country primarily depends on manufacturing activities to maintain its overall economy. Furthermore, a pressing need to optimize the high consumption of crude oil in an efficient manner is also anticipated to drive the demand for reciprocating compressors in the coming years. The application reciprocating compressors in the automotive industry and growing activities in refineries, CNG and LNG transportation and storage are also expected to propel the demand for these products.

Structured Customer Communications Management (CCM) Market: Emergence of advanced technologies and global industry analysis 2025


Customer Communications Management (CCM) is the integrated set of solutions that is used to design, organize, distribute, and deal with customer interactions across the business. The structured Customer Communications Management process is scheduled to deliver consistent output as a part of service association. This type of process unlike the on-demand communication and interactive communication process runs in batches of large volumes and over fixed intervals of time at multiple frequencies. It is widely used in telephone bills, tax notices, and other financial statements. In structured CCM like these, the structure remains the same and the account data varies. The components of structured CCM solutions include document composition along with data extraction and printer management, as also data analysis along with portal technology. The data extraction software in structured Customer Communications Management benefits the organization by merging information from multiple sources and analyzing it to gain insights about individual customers.

Hydraulic Rubber Hose Market: Usage of Thermoplastic Hose Diminishes Demand for Hydraulic Rubber Hoses


Global Hydraulic Rubber Hose Market: Snapshot

The demand for hydraulic rubber hoses is increasing considerably in the industries of construction, agriculture, and automotive. These industries are quickly realizing the advantages that the flexibility of hydraulic rubber hose can provide over conventional pipes made of metal or plastics. Additional advantages such as lower weight in low and medium-pressure applications, better sound absorption, and rust resistance put hydraulic rubber hose ahead of all other pipes for most users. The advantages of hydraulic rubber hoses also put it in favor of industries that are facing the crunch of staggering production demands. The need to increase operational efficiency has driven most industries to look every place they can to increase efficiency, including the use of hydraulic rubber hoses.

Enterprise Report Management Market: Emergence of advanced technologies and global industry analysis 2025


Enterprise report management (ERM) is a system or methodology used for handling, storage, and precise and timely distribution of reports & documents and critical information across an enterprise. ERP technology automatically processes reports and documents from all types of systems. ERM combines all end user documents and output content centrally, enabling cost-effective access and distribution for all its customers, partners, and employees. The main motto of the enterprise report management solution is to provide important information to managers in an effective manner, to help managers take effective decisions. Enterprise report management generally take the form of tables, graphs, and text. It facilitates end users to view and access reports online, print what they want (for instance, invoice copy, warranty card, etc.) and package the information for easy and efficient delivery.

Application Analytics Market: Emergence of advanced technologies and global industry analysis 2024


Application analytics refers to the real-time visualization and analysis of automatically correlated and collected data to develop insights into customer experience, IT operations and business outcomes. In other words, application analytics are a type of business intelligence solution, as they use clusters of past data about business operations to provide tools and information to business users. Therefore, it allows them to make enhancements in business functions.

Process Analyzer Market Forecast By 2024

In the last few years, the demand for process analyzers has scaled higher, thanks to their rising use across diverse industries. A process analyzer, coupled with other embedded advance electronic components, provides a cost-effective handling process, which is the foremost factor coercing manufacturers to invest in them. High speed analysis and cost effecting handling process offered by process analyzers have increased their use in the processing of volatile organization components. Besides this, the Process Analyzer Market is gaining from the rising demand for chemical proceslyzers have esing equipment witnessed worldwide.

Metal Oxide Varistor Market Trends, and Forecast By 2025

The Metal Oxide Varistor Market has been deriving much growth from the rising popularity of Internet of Things (IoT) across the world. The extensive increase in the demand for consumer electronic goods and the upsurge in the adoption of metal oxide varistor in automobile applications are also boosting the market’s progress remarkably.

Over the forthcoming years, the global market for MOV is likely to witness substantial growth at a healthy CAGR of 11.7% from 2017 to 2025. The opportunity in this market is expected to increase from a value of US$7.73 bn in 2016 to US$20.79 bn by the end of 2025. The market, although looks thriving at present, it may face challenges from the dynamic nature of the semiconductor and electronics industry in the coming years.

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