New Park And Ride Service Launches at Birmingham Airport

Birmingham, UK – I Can Park And Ride is celebrating the launch of their park and ride service at Birmingham Airport. I Can Park And Ride now offer a comprehensive parking service, with regular shuttle buses between their secure site and Birmingham Airport.

For anybody flying to or from Birmingham Airport, I Can Park And Ride’s new website and instant quoting system makes it easy than ever to book a parking space online. The focus of the new website is to help customers who want a cost-effective solution to airport parking. With a new instant quote finder, customers can get a price for their park and ride stay at the click of a button. Enter the start and end date of your holiday or business trip and the site generates a quote in seconds.

6 Indian Meals Myths and Truths – What exactly is True and What exactly is Not?

Lots of first-timers to Indian meals and cuisine carry age-old thoughts (read myths) about the food of India. In the report below, get to know the information and background of some myths and a few truths about Indian meals.

All Indian food is spicy
Although Indian cooking is hot and spicier in comparison to European or Western cooking, there are plenty of regions in India exactly where the food is bland, even sweet. In the event you to attempt something less-hot, go taste some Gujarati dishes. Get far more details about How To Make Spanish Rice

A Fresh New Look at Getting Ahead with Growing Professional Network


San Francisco, CA – With how society is adapting to a more technological living, there are very few things that have been able to stand the tests of time. Although techniques have changed dramatically over the years, there is one important aspect of life that’s remained the same: the notion of networking to achieve a lifetime of goals. Even some of the tactics of networking are still the same.

Echno IT Solution’s released, Off Road Crazy Adventure for jeep driving lovers

off road crazy adventure featured

Enjoy extreme Mountain Jeep Driving Ride and skidding wheels on the tracks in this new Android game.”

off road crazy adventure thumbnailPresenting a unique new action packed game Off Road Crazy Adventure. The exciting new level of Monster Jeep is driving on top of the rocks and challenging mountain tracks. Thrilling mountain driving of jeeps and variety of other monster vehicles on the Rocky Mountains can give you a real challenging driving experience. You have to prove your skills on dangerous curvy tracks as an off road legend driver. Play this amazing off road jeep game and unlock your favorite crazy vehicles to have the ultimate addiction of this game. Off Road Crazy monster jeep adventure game in 2017 is packed with the unique features, realistic graphics, realistic vehicle physics, and other new properties that make it completely distinctive.

Top Indonesian Law Firm BP Lawyers Giving a Boost to Local Investing and Business

(Jakarta, January 18, 2017) – For foreign investors and businesses present in Indonesia or looking for new avenues, well informed legal aid is now easily accessible. BP Lawyers has emerged as a top law firm in Indonesia, with a professional team of legal experts, who know the business and investment laws of Indonesia inside out.

State of the Heart Colonoscopy Device Provides Better View of Colon


Dr. Berookim is a colonoscopy Los Angeles provider; he has been serving patients for over 10 years. The treatments that the doctor provides at his medical facility, The Gastroenterology Institute of Southern California, are potentially life-saving. This is due to the fact that regular colonoscopies provided by a gastroenterologist reduces the chance of a colon cancer death by 65%. Colonoscopy Los Angeles treatments may be even more effective with some new technology available.

Elkos launches new ball pen – Motive

Elkos today announced the release of Motive (, its trendy new ball pen, that combines the best in design and style. “Consumers are constantly looking for newer and fresher designs, and we’ve responded by introducing our new Motive Ball Pen in 3 body colours and 3 ink colours which will give them a refreshingly new option in today’s extremely competitive market,” said Mr. Vijay Singh, Assistant Manager- Marketing, Elkos Pens Ltd. “As part of our company ethos, we invest a lot of time in getting customer feedback and design new products keeping that in mind.  Elkos Motive has been launched to give our customers the best writing experience with a completely new design.”

Global Sausage/Hot dog Casings Market 2016 by Manufacturers, Growth, Trends, Size, Analysis, Forecast to 2021

Global Sausage/Hotdog Casings Market by Manufacturers, Regions, Trends, Size, Share, Growth, Analysis, Type and Application, Forecast by 2016-2021

Casing, sausage casing, or sausage skin is the material that encloses the filling of a sausage. Casings are divided into two categories, natural and artificial. Artificial casings, such as collagen, cellulose, plastic, and extruded casings, are relatively new to the field.

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This report focuses on the Sausage/Hotdog Casings in Global market, especially in North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific, South America, Middle East and Africa. This report categorizes the market based on manufacturers, regions, type and application.

Global Pillow Market 2016 by Manufacturers, Growth, Trends, Size, Analysis, Forecast to 2021

Global Pillow Market by Manufacturers, Regions, Trends, Size, Share, Growth, Analysis, Type and Application, Forecast by 2016-2021

A pillow is a support for the head used while sleeping on a bed, couch, or chair. The pillow is a kind of sleep tool. Generally, the pillow could provide sleep comfort. From the understanding of modern medical research, human spine is a straight line from the front view, but three physiological curves from the side view. In order to protect the normal physiological neck bending protection, pillow should be used when sleeping.

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