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All You Need To Know About Taking Admission To SCMC!


The Symbiosis Centre for Media and Communication is one of the premier institutes for getting an in-depth understanding of the art and science of communication in the country. Ranked as the number one mass communication college in India, SCMC helps bring together the very best of communication knowledge and advancements to its students, all of whom come from different educational backgrounds. The program offers a complete and comprehensive understanding of the world of communication using the combination of traditional academic research and experiential learning. Read on to know more about how you too can apply to one of the top mass communication colleges in India, SCMC Pune!

The Rise & Relevance Of Media Studies In India


Media as a field of study has undergone a paradigm shift, where its influence on the society is seeing a magnifying effect. The perception and participation of the general public across various media avenues has seen a transformation, especially with the influx of technology and connectivity in the present day and age. Over time, the power of media in changing and challenging times has become evident with various expressions and voices. The field of media has constantly touched our lives in numerous ways; physically in the 90’s and virtually in the present decade. Owing to this, individuals across the globe can have access to information and data that is both enriching and exhilarating.

SCMC: The Finest Media & Communication Institute In The Country

The field of media and communication has become extremely dynamic and diverse in every aspect, making it a popular choice of study among students across the country. By studying media and communication, individuals are equipped with the requisite skills to keep pace with the latest technologies, debates and trends. The programs in media and communication also aim at preparing the students for working in media-related roles while training them to critically analyse the ways in which media represents and influences the world.

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