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Learn How To Judge The Best B-School For Yourself!


India’s expanding corporate portfolio is greatly evidenced by the growing list of management institutions churning out thousands of MBAs by the year all across the country. Meanwhile, ASSOCHAM studies indicate that only 7% of MBAs/PGDMs passing out from 5,500+ colleges each year are actually employable! So how about you save yourself from investing in an education that doesn’t add value to your résumé by reading further right ahead?

So how does one go about choosing the best B-School for themselves?

NAAC Accreditation:

Must-have Personality Traits to get Hired


Today, getting employed is not as simple as it was in the last few years. Every year, thousands of qualified professionals enter the job market. We all know that in an interview employers look out for things like qualification, knowledge and skills, but the most significant criterion which is slightly overlooked is the candidate’s personality or attitude. Here are a few essential personality traits which you must possess to become employable and also to succeed in your chosen career.

  • Discipline

Get Ready For Next-Generation Management Education With The Sri Balaji Society!

Sri Balaji Society

The world economy is on a record uptick and there is an unprecedented rise in the demand for skilled managers and leaders everywhere. As a result, a number of leadership and management training institutes have cropped up in the recent few years in order to meet this ever-growing demand for quality management professionals and leaders. This in turn has led the Sri Balaji Society to set up the very best B-school in Pune. Read on ahead to know the many ways by which Sri Balaji Society is changing management education to make it truly next-gen!

Introducing the three D’s of success:

How To Choose the Right B-school


Choosing the right business school is almost as important as choosing your life-partner. It demands a huge amount of money, time and energy. Along with academic excellence, the right management school can help you reach your career goals effortlessly. It is therefore very crucial to select a B-school which can satisfy all the necessary requirements.

Check out the list of attributes that should be considered while selecting a business school:

1) Academic Structure and Faculty

Mostly all business schools follow a similar curriculum. However, you must check how industry-specific a B-school’s curriculum is and when was it last updated. This ensures that you have the right exposure and knowledge to survive in the industry.

Why PGDM is Essential to become a Successful Corporate Professional?


Is a management degree really worth it? Every year thousands of young aspiring students ask this question before enrolling for a management course. Certainly, management education costs more than a degree course and the workforce required to complete it also is much greater. Therefore, many people wonder if a postgraduate degree in management will really make a difference in their career.

To put your mind at ease, we have compiled a list of reasons why it is really necessary to pursue a management degree.

  • To get better job opportunities and packages

Can I Get Good Placements Through The Sri Balaji Society Institutes?

Sri Balaji Society

The global economical uptick has led to a tremendous surge in the number of global organizations looking to manage their operations from within India. These organizations include major multinational companies and international business conglomerates looking to set up their overseas operations within the country. This has led to a high requirement for exceptionally skilled manpower and equally talented business leadership. In order to meet this growing demand for quality managerial leadership, the Sri Balaji Society went on to launch their very own management education institutes.

Let us learn more about these very institutes and see where they stand with regards to their own students’ placements:

Join The Sri Balaji Society To Rediscover Management Education!


Management institutes of various types and varieties have come up everywhere as of late. Every institute has its own set of accomplishments to show its prospective students, making it difficult for one to choose the best management institute for their further learning. Despite this, there have been some institutes that have remained quietly in the background, carefully nurturing each students’ innate leadership potential and abilities. Not all of these institutes have the highest ratings, and yet, their educational offerings are of exceptional standards indeed.

Discover A New Way To Learn Management With Sri Balaji Society!


As the country grows and develops at an unheard of pace, the requirement for qualified management professionals continues to rise. Keeping this ever-rising demand in mind, many new management training institutes have arrived upon the scene looking to train young graduates into the art and science of leadership. One such organization that has started the best B-school in Pune is the Sri Balaji Society. Let us discover a little more about the successful management institutes run by them.

The Core Philosophy

What Is The Placement Scenario Like At The Sri Balaji Society Institutes?

Since the dawn of the new millennium, India has witnessed an exponential rise in the number of multinational, transnational and global companies looking to control their operations from within the country. Doing so not only necessitated the need for skilled manpower, but also required the assistance and direction of equally talented business leaders who could take on the many challenges associated with managerial tasks at a global level.

Inception of Sri Balaji Society’s Management Institutes:

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