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Public Cloud Application Infrastructure Services Market Report, Trends, Size, Share, Analysis, Estimations and Forecasts to 2022

The global public cloud application infrastructure services market is growing at a rapid pace all over the globe. This growth can be attributed to the latest change in enterprise business models which have now shifted to cloud based solutions to rev up infrastructure flexibility. An important driver for this market is the rapidly increasing popularity of cloud computing and its adoption by the companies the world over. Some of the advantages of cloud computing are models can be easily deployed and simplified administration of IT infrastructure. Some other advantages of using cloud services include reliable delivery and support of all services using third party apps that are absent in the enterprise firewall. Enhanced security is an added benefit of using cloud infrastructure, which makes secure access simplified, even for remote access. Thus, public cloud services are being increasingly associated with business nimbleness and speed. Growth of the Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) has created new opportunities for the usage of public cloud services. This is surely altering the enterprise IT value chain. A recent trend in many enterprises is the mixing of existing IT infrastructure with cloud infrastructure and this remains the ideal path to public IaaS adoption.

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