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Lakeside spray tanning service announces 2018 marketing strategy

Owner operated spray tanning service in San Diego announces to media their 2018 marketing strategy using social media and internet portals. The owner of Glo on the go has implemented marketing strategies proven to work for other service related business on the internet.


Jan 12 2018 Lakeside California – The already popular Lakeside spray tanning service has announced to press their marketing strategy for 2018. After review from media advisors and marketing consultants the marketing strategy for 2018 is expected to grow the business into a family name brand.


Sunless Tanning Company Announces Plans To Expand Into All San Diego Areas.

San Diego, California; 16, November 2017: The popular sunless spray tanning company Glo on the go San Diego has announced their plans to expand their mobile sunless tanning services into all areas that lay in the San Diego region. As of yesterday their sunless tanning business in San Diego mostly only catered to the East County, South Bay and Central areas of San Diego. Now Glo on the go San Diego caters to all areas. And this is quite exciting for the staff and owner of Glo on the Go San Diego.

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