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Global PAG Base Oil Market Poised to Witness Steady Growth Due to High Demand from Automotive and Industrial Sector

The global polyalkylene glycol (PAG) base oil market is estimated to witness significant growth in the synthetic industry because of its inherent properties such as top-quality lubricity, excellent temperature stability and high viscosity index. Also, the increasing use of PAG base oil in the automotive and industrial sector is anticipated to improve the demand globally. The research reveals some of the most important factors influencing the rise of the global market for PAG base oil and major focus is on to analyze the key segments of the market for the reader to foresee the future opportunities and challenges expected in the near future. Market Research Hub (MRH) has added a new research report in its kitty titled ‘PAG Base Oil Market – Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends and Forecast, 2017 – 2022’ that captures the various aspects of this market.

Metal Matrix Composites industry analysis research and trends report for 2017- 2024

Metal Matrix Composites Market size may witness significant growth owing to positive application outlook in electronics, automotive and space equipment. It comprises of metal and organic or ceramic compound with thermal, mechanical and physical properties which can be customised by casting, forging, rolling and heat treatment.

Carbon, Ceramic fibres and silicon carbide are embedded in metal or alloy and possess better thermal & electrical conductivity. It is used as radiation resistance and outgassing owing to properties like withstand wide range of temperature and do not absorb moisture.

Global Long Term Food Storage Sales Market Report Analysis, Opportunities and Risks, Latest Trends and Growth Forecast till 2017-22

A latest research report titled as ”Global Long Term Food Storage Sales Market Report 2017” has been recently added to the vast portfolio of Market Research Hub (MRH) online research offerings. This report is a professional and in-depth analysis on the present state and future prospect for the global market. It provides valuable information to the industry insiders, potential entrants or investors. It includes an exhaustive enquiry with the reliability of logic and the comprehensiveness of contents.

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In-Depth Analysis of the Transforming Growth Factor Beta 2 Highlighting Pipeline Assessment for H2 2017

Market Research Hub (MRH) has recently appended a new report on the global transforming growth factor beta 2 – pipeline review for H2 2017 in its vast reports database. The report focuses on an in-depth analysis of the market and highlights the 7 molecules developed as part of this pipeline, of which about 6 are developed by companies and the balance 1 molecule is developed by universities and institutes. This report provides information on the targeted therapeutic areas, development stages, mechanism of action, molecule type, route of administration, along with an analysis of indications. Company developed molecules are currently in Phases I, II, and III as well as in the Preclinical stages. The one molecule developed by universities and institutions is in the Preclinical stages.

Global Biopolymers Market to Expand at an Impressive 14.0% CAGR By 2025

Market Research Reports Search Engine (MRRSE) has been serving as an active source to cater intelligent research report to enlighten both readers and investors. This research study titled “Biopolymers Market – Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends, and Forecast 2017 – 2025”.This report analyzes and forecasts the market for biopolymers at the global and regional level. The market has been forecast based on revenue (US$ Mn) and volume (Kilo Tons) from 2017 to 2025. The study includes drivers and restraints of the global biopolymers market. It also covers the impact of these drivers and restraints on demand for biopolymers during the forecast period. The report also highlights opportunities in the biopolymers market at the global and regional level.

Global Man-made Sausage Casing Market Research Report Indicating Opportunities, Top Players, Trends and Forecasts till 2022

To understand the Man-made Sausage Casing Industry Status worldwide, Market Research Hub (MRH) has included the latest Forecast report titled “Global Man-made Sausage Casing Market Research Report 2017”, to its vast database. This study offers data about the prime regions operating in the Man-made Sausage Casing sector, along with their production, consumption, revenue and market share details. Further, the intelligent report also anticipates that the market would grow at a constructive CAGR until 2022.

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Rigid Packaging industry analysis research and trends report for 2017- 2024

Rigid Packaging Market size may grow significantly owing to strong application scope in food & beverage, pharmaceutical, durable goods, and electronics industries. Rising packaged, frozen and processed foods consumption may drive product demand. Key properties include high stiffness, high barrier properties, heat resistance and high impact strength.

Plastic dominates rigid packaging market and is valued at over USD 230 billion in 2015 and accounted for a larger chunk of the demand of the total market share due to low cost, firmness, light weight and durability. Increasing environmental concerns regarding carbon emission should promote bioplastics as upcoming material which may drive industry growth.

Automotive Thermoplastic Elastomers industry analysis research and trends report for 2017- 2024

Automotive Thermoplastic Elastomers (TPE) Market size may have positive outlook in manufacturing bumper, internal lining, foot mats and external styling car body.

TPE can be extruded, moulded and re- used like plastic whereas it also has elastic properties of elastomer. It returns to original form due to cross linking bond in thermoplastic imparting high elastic property. Commercial grade thermoplastic elastomers are styrene block copolymers (TPE-s), Vulcanised Elastomeric alloys (TPE-V or TPV), Thermoplastic olefins (TPE-o), Thermoplastic polyester (TPE-e), Thermoplastic polyamide and Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU).

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Emulsion Styrene Butadiene Elastomer Market trends research and projections for 2017- 2024

Global Emulsion Styrene Butadiene Elastomer Market may show significant gains over projected period owing to increase in application scope in tire, construction, footwear, polymer modification and adhesives industries.

Strong application scope in tire due to ease of production and good physical strength should drive emulsion styrene butadiene elastomer market size. Most of the manufacturers mainly uses it for light truck, trucks and car tires production. Global tire consumption was valued at over 4 billion units in 2015 and may exceed over 6 billion units by 2024. Positive outlook towards automobile industry mainly in Brazil, India and China along with availability of various E – SBR grades should stimulate product demand.

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