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Automotive Electronics Market: Insights Through Development Policies And Plans

Automotive Electronics Market

Automotive Electronics Market – Opportunity and Forecast, 2016-2025

Automotive Electronics Market involves electronically generated systems, such as in-car entertainment systems, telematics, and others. The need for controlling engines gave rise to the field of automotive electronics. Further, with different technological advancements, active safety, driver assistance, passenger comfort, and others made way in the market.

The steady growth in electronic content in vehicles is majorly due to emergence of semiconductors. Efficiency, safety, comfort, standards, connectivity, and user experience are some of the major areas in which electronics play a crucial role in the automotive sector. These systems are interconnected and centrally controlled within a car with the help of electronics.

Automotive Robotics

Global Automotive Robotics Market – Opportunity and Forecast, 2016-2025

Automotive industry has intensively implemented robotics for providing better services along with new features over the past few years. From introduction in production lines for improving efficiency and cut labor costs to including various features in products, Automotive Robotics has proved to be the revolutionary application.

Automotive Robotics include different applications, such as human-robot collaboration, robotic vision, robotic hand, robotic painting, and others. It has helped manufacturers to enhance productivity, safety, and reliability, which in turn, reduced production costs and delivery time. For these reasons, manufacturers have invested huge amount in robotics to facilitate production lines and reap great benefits.

Automotive Radar Technology Sector – Market Size, Opportunities, News, Region of Operations, Advancement, Strategies

Automotive Radar

Automotive Radar Market – Opportunity and Forecast, 2016-2025

Automotive radar has gained significance over the past few years with a growth in trend of innovations and introduction of automation in the automotive industry. It is primarily used in road safety applications.

Long Range Radar is used in Automatic Cruise Control for maintaining safe distance from a vehicle nearby, whereas Short Range Radar is used in Anti-Collision to inform driver about potential collision and avoid it.

There are two Types of radar, Short Range and Long Range, used depending upon the application.

Animal Feed Additives Market: Premium Forecast & Analysis, Key Players & Strategies For 2016-2020

Animal Feed Additives

Global Animal Feed Additives Market – Opportunity and Forecast, 2016-2025

Animal feed additives are supplements added externally to enhance nutritional value of regular meals provided to farm animals. Hygiene, digestibility, feed presentation, and effects on intestinal health are factors considered while adding feed additives into meals, excluding nutritional value.

Different types of feed additives, such as sensory, nutritional, and zootechnical additives, are added in meals as they provide various benefits. For instance, sensory additives improve intake of feed, zootechnical additives improve nutritional value of diet, while others enhance health and reduce probability of diseases.

Global Air Compressor Technology Market Driven By Development In Innovative Technologies

Air Compressor Technology

Global Air Compressor Market – Opportunity and Forecast, 2016-2025

Air compressors are used for storing power that can be utilized for various tools and machines used in the construction sector. The air compressor manufacturers have invested in new production technology to make these devices more energy efficient, reliable, and environment-friendly as well as light-weight, portable, and low maintenance. The maximum air flow provided by air compressors is anticipated to help increase the tools and machinery efficiency.

Ease in handling air compressor devices, low cost of maintenance, and high reliability could contribute toward the market for these devices. In addition, technological advancements such as remote sensing are expected to supplement the market growth.

Aquafeed Market – Opportunity, Product Type, Application, End Users, and Geography-2025


The Global aquafeed market is segmented on the basis of Product, End Use, and Geography

Aquafeed is feed for aquatic organisms, which is manufactured using various industrial processes. Manufacturers ensure that vital ingredients are included in the feed, as it is administrated externally to fish in form of pellets. The size of pellets and nutritional content vary depending upon the target species during aquaculture and the customers requirements.

Manufacturers are including high percentage of proteins, vitamins, carbohydrates, and other nutrients in aquafeed for fish of different age and species.

Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) Market – Opportunity Analysis And Industry Forecast, 2016-2025


Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM) System chiefly consists of three major components, namely sensors, transmitters & receivers and Insulin Pumps. However, in conventional CGM systems, insulin pumps were optional, whereas they are an integral part of modern CGMs.

Currently CGMs are chiefly used in home settings, diagnosed centers and hospitals. Main use of CGMs are for continuously monitoring the glucose level irrespective of the location and its usage is almost hassle free and hence is comfortably used in home settings.

Anti-Corrosion Coatings Market: Premium Forecast & Analysis based on Product Type, Application, End Users, and Geography For 2016-2025

anti carrossion Coating

Anti-Corrosion Coatings Market – Opportunity and Forecast, 2016-2025

Anti-corrosion coating is used to prevent contact between chemical compounds or corrosive substances and to protect metal surfaces from rusting. It increases lifespan and prolongs strength of metals used in different applications. In addition, it also provides friction protection for loads at high pressure, high temperature, and harsh environments.

There are many industries such as chemical manufacturing, aerospace, transportation, oil & gas, building & construction, marine, and power generation concerned with corrosion. There is a growing need for inland and offshore conditions and anti-corrosion coating plays a vital role to ensure long-term high performance and durability.

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