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Sensors Mobile Phones Market: Lucrative Opportunities across Globe

​Sensors are the components which measure a physical or environmental quantity and converts it into a signal. Initially, sensors were mainly used for mobile games such as aircraft games and car games. However, with rapid development in the technology various types of sensors are deployed in mobile phones to offer enhanced user experience. Sensors are primarily used in mobile phones to facilitate a quality user experience and provide enhanced information about the world. Several companies are emphasizing on use of sensors in order to develop interactive applications and games across all the operating systems such as android OS, iOS and Windows among others. Various sensors across the applications such as distance and range, Accelerometers/Gyroscopes, force sensors, touchscreen sensors, localization sensors and camera sensors among others are used in mobile phones. These sensors are mainly used to regulate the mobile phone applications and games. In addition, sensors such as proximity sensors are also used to optimize the battery life as well as to prevent accidental screen touches. Whereas, accelerometers are used to detect orientation of the phone and linear acceleration of movement, while gyroscope on the other hand is used to measure angular rotational velocity. These features of sensors are used to develop interactive applications and games in mobile phones. Several mobile phone manufacturers are focusing on integrating various types of sensors in phones to extend the functional capabilities and features of phones.