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Global Silicone Derivative market is projected to grow approximately at CAGR of 6%.


Market Overview

Silicone Derivative Market 2017: Trends, Size, Share, Growth and Forecast 2023

Silicone, also known as Polysiloxane, are the polymers made with repetitive units of Siloxane. The chain may contain silicon atoms alternatively bonded with oxygen, carbon, and hydrogen to give arise to various silicone derivatives. They possess characteristics such as resistant to temperature and heat which makes them suitable for numerous applications in end use industries. Silicon accounts for around 28% earth’s crust. Moreover, no harmful effects of Silicone on an organism have been noted yet. They are readily biodegradable and are available in abundance makes them most preferred choice in number of applications. Starting from household to industrial usage Silicone Derivatives are used extensively. Which include construction materials, automobile spares, electronics, energy, industrial usage, and personal care among others. There is growing demand for Silicone Derivative from ever increasing construction activities. Apart from that, silicone derivative are being used in food & beverages due to their colloidal and hydrophilic properties. Some other applications of silicone include as their use as sealants, adhesives, grease, and lubricants.

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