A Call for Action to Help Americas Homeless Veterans & Honor Recruits Non-profit Organization to Raise $75,000 in 4 Months.

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Media Contact
Bill Simmons, Honor Recruits PR/Tour Manager
433 W 34 St, NYC NY 10001 | 347-352-0071 |
Donations: https://cash.me/$HonorRecruits
A Call for Action to Help Americas Homeless Veterans & Honor Recruits Non-profit Organization to Raise $75,000 in 4 Months.
Honor Recruits Call Center Team has the intention to expedite raising funds starting on the East Coast states, New York, New Jersey, and Florida.

New York City, NY April 11, 2017

Honor Recruits is right now raising funds in NY, NJ and FL. We need a jumpstart as we hear and see the immense need for our homeless veterans’ outcry for public help.
We must never forget that because of our Nations Ready, Willing and Able young men and women going to war, we sleep better at night knowing that we are always protected and safe.
Honor Recruits work with all age ranges between 18-65. It is our time to give back to homeless men and women veterans that need safety in knowing that they have food, shelter and a hot shower to have a second chance to a decent life.
Furthermore, our funding helps with medical assistance, emergency services, clothing, guidance, and rehabilitation. We work with homeless shelters, halfway houses, affordable housing, emergency shelters, and drug alcohol rehabilitation programs.
Honor Recruits Mission is to give the veterans a possibility to once again enter into the job market to find stability. We use a nationwide collective database of several thousand companies willing to support and take in veterans.
Bill Simmons, PR Manager says, “We need immediate help right here, right now to facilitate and execute our immense heartfelt empathy offering American Veterans help”.
Take inspired Action today to help us help our Nation-Serving Men/Women, now homeless Veterans https://cash.me/$HonorRecruits
About Honor Recruits Non-profit Organization:
Bill Simmons is the passionate spirit that has come forth to be of service to mankind. He feels that these brave military men and women deserve our help to feel safe, after their greatest effort to keep the nations safe at all cost.

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