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Low Power Wide Area Network Market to improve range and power efficiency

Low Power Wide Area Network Market is a wireless telecommunication technology which is adopted by most of the organizations for long range communication. Low power wide area network technology is mainly used for interconnecting devices with low bandwidth connectivity to improve range and power efficiency. Low power wide area network technologies are designed for the purpose of machine to machine networking (M2M). Additionally, low power wide area network supports more devices over a large coverage area with greater power efficiency and lower cost. Low power wide area network has better operating capabilities than consumer mobile technology.

Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) Market: New Tech Developments and advancements to watch out for 2024

Global Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) Market: Snapshot

The global of supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) market has gained significant momentum in the recent times. The rising awareness among consumers regarding the benefits of SCADA, such as the real-time detection of faults in machinery, reduction in the amount of defects in the output, decline in production cost, and various other advantages it offers to production processes, is boosting this market substantially. The increasing deployment of SCADA systems in the electrical and the oil and gas sectors to reduce losses and optimize production is also adding to the growth of this market significantly.

Solid State Drive Market: Evolving Technology, Trends and industry Analysis – 2022

Solid state drives (SSDs) are gradually emerging as preferred digital storage devices over hard disk drives (HDDs). SSDs come with numerous advantages due to which they are gaining significant traction in the market. Due to the increasing implementation across various handheld devices, Transparency Market Research (TMR) projects the global solid state drive market to rise at a CAGR of 40.7% between 2015 and 2022.

Smart Lighting Market: Emergence of advanced technologies and global industry analysis 2020

Global smart lighting market is driven by increasing demand for energy efficient lighting systems primarily aimed at reducing energy consumption in commercial and industrial buildings. In addition, advancements of sensors and connecting technologies in the field of smart lighting are further boosting the market growth. Furthermore, increasing penetration of energy efficient lighting such as LED lamps is further fueling the growth of global smart lighting market during the forecast period.

Machine Health Monitoring Market Will Reflect Significant Growth Prospects during 2016-24

Global Machine Health Monitoring Market: Overview

The global market for machine health monitoring market is projected to witness significant growth in the next few years. The rising importance of asset management and the increasing focus of manufacturers to surge efficiency and optimize productivity are some of the vital reasons, which are predicted to encourage the growth of the global machine health monitoring market in the next few years.

Factory Automation and Machine Vision Market: Future Demand and Growth Analysis with forecast 2020

Information and communication technology (ICT) have become crucial to the social infrastructure, therefore systems that allow society to function more efficiently are increasingly needed. Machine vision (MV) is a technology that meets these expectations and controls the movement of machinery by processing visual information. Machine vision plays vital role of factory automation (FA) in industrial manufacturing. Moreover, machine vision has also extended its scope to the fields of medicine, security, and agriculture. The growth is mainly driven by the introduction of innovative image sensing devices and the development of computing technologies, including communication. With technological advancements, machine vision not only serves as a replacement for human vision but also handle multidimensional invisible information.

Core HR Software Market: Key Growth Factors and Forecast 2025

Core human resource software encompasses basic processes and information about the employees in an organization. It embraces personal information like birth dates, employee address, and social security numbers. Moreover, it also comprises compliances with government or organizational rules, enrollment in benefits like dental and vision, health, organizational structures, employee portal, self-service and payroll. The information obtained from the core human resource software like number of employees, job titles of the employees and their salaries are important for effective human resource management. For instance, in a workforce planning, a precise head count is required for projecting requirement of labor in coming years. Core human resource software is often referred to as human resource management systems for managing back end administrative human resource tasks and few elements that are essential to the regular business operation.

Actuators Market: Development Insight and Manufacturers Challenge Competitors

The mining industry has seen a dramatic change in the use of new sophisticated technologies that has enlarged the scope of mining activities from the onshore locations to the ultra-deep seabed. The mining activities require the use of motors that can be used to control the movements of heavy machineries used in the mining industry. An actuator is a device that is used to produce the mechanical movements by converting the energy from a source into mechanical movements. The sources of energy include the pneumatic pressure, hydraulic fluid pressure or the electric current. The advancements in the mining technology coupled with the wide number of actuators based applications can have direct implications on the global actuator market. However, the scope of actuators is not limited to the mining industry but can be used in number of applications in other industries as well, such as defense, health care and automobiles.

3D Imaging Market: Latest Trends and Forecast Analysis up to 2021

Global 3D Imaging Market: Snapshot

The growing uptake of 3D technology in various spheres, especially in the field of imaging, has given the global 3D imaging market a tangible boost. Today, 3D imaging is used for purposes such as 3D modeling, 3D rendering, 3D scanning, and gesture recognition among others. The widening scope of 3D imaging in areas such as construction, medical devices, healthcare, defense, manufacturing, construction, and entertainment have opened up several new avenues for the market to generate higher revenue. Transparency Market Research states that the global 3D imaging market is likely to be worth US$17.99 bn by 2021 from US$3.51 bn in 2014. During the forecast years of 2015 and 2021 the global market is estimated to surge at a CAGR of 26.8%.

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