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Zener Diodes Market to Grow with the Growing Demand and Adoption

Zener diode is a specific kind of diode which primarily allows current to flow from its anode to the cathode; however, it also helps the current to flow in the reverse direction. Highly doped p-n junction is a prime feature of Zener diodes. The sharpness and voltage of the knee is better defined of a Zener diode than any conventional or normal diode. Moreover, traditional diodes are not particularly designed to work in the breakdown region. However, Zener diodes are primarily designed in such a way that they can perfectly operate in the breakdown region. A Zener diode is used for regulating voltage in practical circuit applications. The key function of Zener diodes is to regulate voltage in different equipment. In terms of type, the Zener diodes market can be segmented into surface mount Zener diode and through-hole Zener diode. In terms of end-use industry, the market for Zener diodes can be segmented into consumer electronics, information technology, industrial, telecommunication, and automotive. In terms of geography, the market for Zener diodes can be segmented into Asia Pacific, Europe, North America, Latin America, and Middle East & Africa.

Safety Instrumented Systems Market to Grow with the Growing Demand and Adoption

In an increasingly multidisciplinary engineering atmosphere, and in the face of ever growing system difficulty, there is a growing need for engineers and technicians involved in the process of engineering to remain aware of the implications of operating and design safety-related systems. This also includes the knowledge of related safety standards. Safety instrumented systems play a vital role in providing the protective layer functionality in various industrial processes and automation systems. Safety systems engineering describes a disciplined and systematic approach, which incorporates hazard identification, safety requirement specification, and systems maintenance and operation during the entire lifetime of the plant. The growth of the safety instrumented systems market is highly reliant on the growth of the petrochemical and energy sector.

Inspection Cameras Market Heating Up due to the Growing Demand from Industries

Inspection camera, or the borescope, is a type of instrument which functions like a camera, telescope, or microscope. It is used for the purpose of observing areas which are excessively cramped, very far away, or completely out of reach. An inspection camera has a black and white or color display; some of them are also detachable for the purpose of remote viewing – which is attached to a flexible shaft having a camera at the end of it. Often, this camera has several LED lights to illuminate the work area. Once the camera shaft is maneuvered into position, the display provides images captured by the camera. Expansion of the inspection cameras market depends on the expansion of the global machine vision market.

Automotive Metal Stamping Market Heating Up due to the Growing Demand from Industries

Automotive metal stamping is a method of processing sheet metals and converting the same into various shapes and sizes as per the specific requirement and application in automobiles. Metal stamping of sheet metals includes five major processes such as blanking, embossing, bending, coining and flanging among others. In blanking process, a piece of the sheet metal is cut into a blank or number of blanks. Embossing involves the work of stretching the materials into shallow depressions in order to add various decorative patterns.

Automotive Chip Market Heating Up due to the Growing Demand from Industries

Automotive chips are used for the monitoring and controlling of various functions in an automobile. Such chips use algorithms to solve various tasks and makes the driving experience much easier for the driver. There are five different type of automotive chips or integrated circuits (ICs) such as general and special purpose logic ICs, microcontrollers, DRAM, analog ICs and flash. General purpose logic ICs support computer fields and information equipment, where there is a need for high performance with various power supply voltage, capabilities and functions. The major applications for such type of ICs include level crossing, application relating to clock and bus switching. Microcontrollers find application in the body, chassis, powertrain and for safety in vehicles. 8bit microcontrollers are used for safety and body applications in automobiles. Capacitive touch sensing microcontroller is used in button sliders and wheels among other applications. In additions, microcontrollers finds use for in-vehicle infotainment, audio processing and Ethernet purpose in automobiles.

Automotive Camshaft Market to Witness Impressive Growth in the Near Future

An automotive camshaft is a vital component in an automobile’s engine. It finds immense application in the internal combustion engine. In an automobile, internal combustion engine occurs by allowing small amounts of fuel and air mixture into various parts of an engine at different times through a number of valves. The camshaft is a metal shaft, which rotates continuously and pushes protruding parts such as lobes against the valves carrying the fuel and air mixture. As the camshaft rotates, the movement of the lobes open the valves. The lobes are generally round teardrop shaped or oval. There is one lobe in the camshaft for every valve as each valves are positioned differently to push open each and every specific valves at different times. In order to have a better performance of a vehicle, it is extremely important to have camshafts that can time the opening of valves perfectly. The two major materials used for the manufacturing of camshafts are chilled iron castings and billet steel.

Automotive Axle and Propeller Shaft Market to Witness Impressive Growth in the Near Future

Automotive axles and propeller shafts play a major role in the operation of a vehicle. The axles bear the entire weight of the vehicle, cargo and passengers and live axles perform the additional task of providing the torque to the wheels. The function of a propeller shaft is transmitting torque and rotation along with the other components of the drive train. The global automotive axle & propeller shaft market is being strongly driven by the rising vehicle production globally and innovations in engineering that is focused on sustainability and fuel efficiency. The growth of this market is further stimulated by the thriving aftermarket demand for automotive axles and propellers in developing countries. Additionally, reduction of the overall maintenance of the vehicle is another factor boosting the global market demand. However, increased vehicle weight and fluctuating prices of raw materials are posing to be hindrances to the growth of the global market.

Automotive 3D Printing Market to Witness Impressive Growth in the Near Future

3D printing is significantly transforming the way automobiles are designed and developed. This technology is being adopted by the automotive industry in order to lower turnaround time, reduce material wastage, lower manufacturing costs and increase the production rate. 3D printing not only helps to give an aesthetic design to the automobile, but it also delivers working prototype in a record turnaround time. 3D printing technology is useful for applications that range from manufacturing complex automotive parts in a shorter span of time in comparison to conventional printers to printing these parts and other accessories. The global automotive 3D printing market is primarily being driven by reduction in overall time of rapid prototyping of automotive parts, innovation in new printing materials for 3D printing and increasing government investments in the research & development project related to 3D printing. However standardization issues, high cost and limited availability of 3D printers coupled with lack of skilled labor are the factors that are restraining the widespread adoption of this technology in the automotive industry.

Bio NEMS Forecast By 2025

​Bio NEMS market (Nanoelectromechanical systems) are a particular class of devices integrating mechanical as well as electrical operation and functionality on the nanoscale. Moreover, NEMS form the logical next miniaturization step from MEMS devices which is known as microelectromechanical systems. Bio NEMS market primarily integrates transistors for instance nanoelectronics with pumps, motors, and mechanical actuators. The market for Bio NEMS is segmented on the basis of application which includes bionics, atomic force microscopy, neural implants and ENT implants among others. The market for Bio NEMS has been segmented geographically into Asia Pacific, Europe, North America, South America and Middle East and Africa.

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