Dreams Entertainment Announces the Trailer Launch of its Upcoming Bengali Film Titled “In Search Of Light”


Dreams Entertainment Announces the Trailer Launch of its Upcoming Bengali Film Titled “In Search Of Light”

“In Search of Light,” which is basically a Bengali movie titled “Ektu Aalor Khonje” subjects to accentuate the ineluctable questions over Life and Death. The movie depicts a person fighting every moment with his inner conscience in his quest for peace and happiness.

Kolkata, India, July 15, 2017 — Dreams entertainment, an independent film group based in India is thrilled to announce the release of the trailer for the much anticipated movie, titled “In Search Of Light.” Locally transcripted as “Ektu Aalor Khonje,” the entire film was shot within a shoe string budget and comprised of a team of ten people who did the entire work from cast to crew.
Having worked together as a team for the past five years towards the production of the film and loosing one of its prominent actor in the process, Dreams entertainment is glad that it has finally reached a point of success. Inspite of shooting within severe limitations, the team believes “In Search of Light” will have a lasting impact while opening the eyes of its viewers to what life and death really entails.
“This is a low budget independent movie. In fact a crew of only ten people did everything from scratch.” Bhaskar Banerjee, debutant director of the film explained. “The film was shot for almost five years considering the various obstacles in place. At times we stopped shooting due to shortage of funds until money was accumulated to carry on the show.”
The story which takes place in a remote village in West Bengal speaks of a fatherly personality, named Dadathakur, who cares for all villagers and shares with them different philosophies of life. The story begins at a point when Dadathakur has passed thirty years of his life in the village. A man aged seventy five years who has resided for long thirty years in a remote village searching for peace and solace, still has many dark years of life from his past to reveal. The story ends when he unveils the dark secrets of his life; how he was able to drift to a new life to attain peace and salvation.
Bhaskar concluded, “Unfortunately, we lost one of our most prominent actors whose sudden demise almost brought the project to a halt. However, after running through many obstacles we were able to complete the shooting phase. The film is currently in post production. We are ready with our official trailer and we are expecting to launch the same along with the official poster of our film on the first week of August. Hope the viewers will like the much awaited trailer.”
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