Employing Network Inc. Offers Helpful Hints to Avoid Executive Recruiting Scams

Employing Network Inc. Offers Helpful Hints to Avoid Executive Recruiting Scams

Employing.Net Reviews Privacy and Security Issues Facing Job Seekers

The recruiting professionals at Employing Network are providing valuable tips to help executives avoid some of the most common recruiting scams. The company, which has long served the needs of high-level executives and the Fortune 500 companies whose C-suites they fill, has grown increasingly aware of scams targeting executives. These include the emails known as “phishing” that are aimed at corporate identify theft and breach of security, as well as overpayment scams and other malicious threats.

It is clear from reading Employing Network reviews that the company has established itself as a valuable resource for executives and the clients that seek their talent. The company’s propriety confidential platform helps to match these C-suite executives and other valued leaders with organizations seeking their talent and expertise. But beyond the company’s immediate mission of matching skills with need, it also serves the valuable goal of educating its members about recruitment scams and recruitment complaints. The company’s professional staff works hard to make sure that any Employing Network scam attempts are immediately identified and halted. This has led to there being almost no Employing Network complaints from any of the site’s exclusive membership or clientele.

According to Sophia Chang, Employing.net’s Senior Vice President, the company prides itself on safeguarding its members’ privacy while still ensuring that it is completely transparent in its operations. “Employing Network has established itself as an invaluable resource for both our leadership talent and our clients who seek their guidance and experience. It has always been of the utmost importance that we conduct a thorough screening process of those who want to join our ranks and access our membership profiles, so we’ve invested extensively in high level security and technology that detects and prevents scams.”

Once an executive has been screened through our proprietary Employing Network review process, they are provided with the ability to upload all of their information and build a profile that is completely under their control. They determine the amount of access to their information. “By giving our members’ the ability to select their level of visibility, we have been able to ensure that Employing Network complaints simply do not exist, and that there is no opportunity for scams to occur at Employing Executive Network,” says Ms. Chang.

Candidates who are interested in learning more about the $100K + opportunities and other benefits available through our networking and executive recruiting platform are invited to visit https://www.Employing.Net and see how we’ve earned the trust of their colleagues and peers.

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At Employing Network, our success comes from helping executive leaders and the organizations that need their guidance to come together. With only the most experienced and talented leadership talent forming our network and clients ranging from entrepreneurial startups to non-profit boards and Fortune 500 corporations, we bring the together in their common goal: to identify the matches that will represent bringing the very best in executive leadership to help guide their organizations. For more information, please visit https://www.Employing.Net

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