Be a Part of Feelex Upahaar Utsav by Winning Assured Gifts Worth Rs 6349

The celebration is in the air. Just as the festive season arrived, Feelex announced its festive bonanza for the year. The ‘Upahaar Utsav’ by Feelex offers a bunch of exciting gifts on every purchase. Feelex products worth Rs 6349 will be gifted on the purchase of select Feelex mattresses. Feelex is yet to announce the exact validity period of the offer, but sources confirmed that it is likely to be continued throughout October. The offer will be valid as long as the stock lasts.

You may buy any of these to avail this exciting offer

  • Comforter + 2 Microfibre Pillows free with Vertec & Spinetec Ortho mattresses
  • Summer Comforter + 2 Fibre Pillows free with Feelex mattresses of 5” PEF Range
  • Bedsheet + 2 Fibre Pillows free with Feelex mattresses of 4” PEF Range
  • Attractive Double Bedsheet free with Feelex Softy & Bliss PEF mattresses


Feelex is the best mattress brand that uniquely blends your feelings and experience.

Feelex is a leading mattress brand in India that is committed to gift a unique experience. Feelings are at the core of our existence. Hope, freedom and the joys of life find expression through us. So, it is important to be our best selves all the time. Driven by this, Feelex, the leading mattress brand in India endeavours to bring feelings and experiences together. The first mattress brand in India that made effective use of PEF technology, Feelex is the ultimate energizer for a stressed body and mind.

A Feelex mattress allows expression of the joys of being at home with family. The special PEF technology used to manufacture Feelex mattresses not only ensure a greater personal hygiene but at the same time also helps in maintaining a healthy indoor air quality. When you have a sufficient sleep without inhaling dust particles or allergens, you are energized like never before.

Feelex, a brand that fits all size

Hectic schedule overstretched work hours and physical exhaustion creates muscle fatigue. This is the time when your mind and body is completely drained out of energy. So you spend a lot of time resting. According to a recent survey, a majority of the time people spend indoor is spent on a mattress. While it is not always sleeping, but people love being on their mattresses for a longer time. It generates a feeling of security and a peace of mind.

Be it a king size, queen size or single bed, Feelex has perfect sizes for every type of sleep. Feelex mattresses come in varied sizes. The Ortho mattresses are specifically designed comfort-mattresses made of high density rubberized coir and bonded foam to provide relief caused by musculoskeletal disorders resulting in orthopaedic pains. Feelex, which is the best king size mattress brand, also makes use of PEF technology to make the mattresses resistant to microbial and dust mites. Presence of PEF makes the mattresses resistant to sagging. Special stitching technique of Feelex mattresses keeps away bed bugs.

From pandal hopping to visiting friends and family, the festive days are full of fun activities. The ‘Upahaar Utsav’ brings you the best opportunity to rely on Feelex after a tiresome day. Feelex ‘Upahaar Utsav’ is an initiative by Feelex to bring you a step closer to the heavenly feel of a good sleep.

For more information, please visit:

Contact: Feelex Mattress

Address: 5th Floor, 4, Fairley Place, BBD Bagh, Kolkata, West Bengal 700023

Feelex Mattress Helpline (9:30AM–6:30PM): 09830190909



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