Only Best Quality Mattress Components Lead to a Comfortable Sleep, Proves Feelex

This article briefly describes the benefits of the raw materials used by Feelex, the best mattress brand in India. At the same time, this article also describes the outcome of the use of superior technology while manufacturing the mattresses. Powered by years of research and the legacy of innovation, Feelex, the best mattress brand in India has revolutionized people’s perception of a good sleep. In today’s world, most people are over-stressed and over-worked as per the demands of their busy lifestyle. A good number of people also have irregular sleep hours resulting in numerous health issues. It resulted in rising concerns of researchers and health practitioners around the world to come up with parameters like the Pittsburg Sleep Quality Index to access the sleep quality of people.

Acknowledging the health complications suffered by people for changing sleep patterns, Feelex, the best mattress brand in India has blended its legacy of innovation with years of research to produce quality products that guarantee a pleasant sleep throughout the night.

The ways in which Feelex has addressed these health issues through different mattress components is really praiseworthy.

Quilting- Feelex mattresses have the high-quality quilted finish over the tufts. A quilted layer extends a smooth finish to the mattress that turns resting on the mattress a pleasurable experience. Feelex mattresses are available in both PU foam deep quilting and PU foam micro quilting. Some Feelex mattresses also contain quilting on both sides for extra comfort. Feelex makes uses of the knitted tapestry for quilting that ensures natural breathability while resisting the bed bugs and dust mites. This, in turn, makes the mattresses from the best mattress brand in India both plush and comfortable.

Feelex Mattress

PEF (polyurethane foam) – Feelex is the first mattress brand in India that applies PEF technology for manufacturing mattresses. The presence of PEF makes the mattresses hygienic by locking away the dust mites and microbial. At the same time, PEF provides the right kind of support for your back all throughout the night. As far as standard of sleep hygiene is concerned, mattresses from Feelex, the best mattress brand in India scores high.

Rebonded foam- Several layers of high quality rebonded foam is present in the products of this best mattress brand in India. The sandwiched layers provide uniform firmness and support irrespective of your sleeping position. Use of special re-compression technology ensures even distribution of pressure so that no particular muscle or joint of your body is stressed while you sleep.


One of the premium mattress brands in India, Feelex ensures the best kind of sleep at night, even if you manage to sleep just for a few hours. Feelex mattresses are not only scientifically designed to provide comfort but are also engineered with latest technologies to create best sleep experiences that are rich with feelings.

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