Authentic Bhutan Tours Offers Fully-Planned Trekking Tour That Helps Trekkers To Connect With Nature Directly

A Bhutan trekking tour is a unique experience unlike many of the crowded treks available in Asia. The range of treks can vary from a simple 3-day trek from the province of Thimpu to the iconic Snowman’s Trek that takes seasoned trekkers through some of the fascinating spots in the country. Almost all the treks in Bhutan provide a mixture of natural discovery & an insight into the country’s unique daily life. Most of the trails take trekkers past remote & ancient monasteries, through deep forests and beautiful villages. Trekkers usually get to see the blue ship and a range of bird life. Trekking in Bhutan is also popular for the magnificent panoramas of the Himalayan peaks that offer a sense of wonder that is unique in itself.

“A Bhutan trekking tour is also a perfect way to get a real sense of the country, the wholesomeness of the natural exquisiteness and the purity of ancient civilization. Bhutan has been recognized as 10 of the biodiversity hot spots of the globe. And the best idea to get close to the bio-diversity that consists 770 bird species, 50 rhododendron species and wildlife like snow leopard, tiger, blue sheep, water buffalo, etc. is trekking.” said a spokesperson of Authentic Bhutan Tours.

Being a reputed service we have been arranging cost-effective and well-planned Bhutan trekking tours for trekkers who want adventure in their life. The trek to the summit is combined with caring for the trekkers to have a great experience with the mountains. During any trek, climbers can explore the hidden jewels of nature, like beautiful plants & flowers that are usually not encountered in natural landscapes. Our fully-planned trekking also gives trekkers an excellent way to connect & be in touch with nature, free from the hustle and bustle of the outer world. The sheer wilderness of Bhutan’s mountains always provides a treat, like witnessing the raw character of a country sanctified with absolute beauty. Trekking in Bhutan can be full of exciting activities,but this worth the effort once trekkers reach the top & marvel at the spectacular views” he added further.

About the company:
Authentic Bhutan Travel is a Bhutan based tour operator that specializes in Bhutan Textile Tours, Bhutan Trekking Tour and Bhutan Photography Tour among others.

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