Encyclopedia of STEM Education Solutions at StemEZ.com


Encyclopedia of STEM Education Solutions at StemEZ.com

Encyclopedia of STEM education solutions is an open, online and free resource delivering 50,000 problems and solutions for 40 Science, Technology, Engineering and Math subjects.

Cupertino, California: January 8, 2018: Nowadays education by listening to a classroom or videotaped lectures is inadequate compared to solving problems by doing home assignments. Learning by solving problems helps us to focus upon and understand important concepts in the textbooks and lectures. This technique alters what we know before and changes how we subsequently organize the knowledge in our brain.

STEM education is the foundation for any professional career and hence, students have to be given ample opportunities to learn these subjects at a time, place and pace which they are comfortable in. It is revealed as a complete learning program for students, parents, and teachers in schools, colleges, and universities worldwide.

This website is user-friendly and simply making use of 10,000 hyperlinks per subject to navigate between subjects, chapters, problems, and solutions as well as a FIND function by keyword to locate the desired problem. Each subject of STEM education solutions gives detailed step-by-step answers to about 1000 problems grouped by chapters.

The Encyclopedia of STEM solutions has been included in the National Digital Library of India and is accessible with your laptop, tablet or a smartphone to everyone, everywhere, every time.

To start learning now, visit http://www.stemez.com/.

About the website

The website claims that all of their services are absolutely free of cost. From high school syllabus to colleges and universities, many levels of problems with solutions are provided on this site instantly. This is an ideal STEM education resource for homework, test preparation, and exams for students, teachers, and parents worldwide.

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Contact Name: Paul Singh,
Email: chiefonly@gmail.com
URL: http://www.stemez.com/


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