II Spaces – Experienced Corporate Interior Design Company in Addison, TX

II Spaces is a leading Furniture dealer and also Interior Design experts in Addison, Texas. It is an MWBE and designated dealer of Herman Miller in Dallas, Texas. They have been in the Interior design and home improvement industries for more than 20 years, who also provide exceptional Corporate Interior Design service in and around the Dallas County. With experienced and talented staffs, they know how to offer the best interior design and spacing service for their clients.

Corporate Interior Design

Any kind of Business office and corporate workplace needs a special ambiance that creates and signifies the character and work culture of the business and its purpose. The Interior design of a corporate office also helps in establishing the relationship between clients and employee. That’s why; they are given such an importance in their business. Corporate companies and their office are designed in very sophisticated to show their power and dignity in the society. They need in trendy design, perfect and comfortable chairs, furniture and interior, which makes them ahead in the business.

At II Spaces, they have all the essential services to provide the best Corporate Interior Design for their business people clients. They offer Cost effective design by using several strategies to help their client to build the perfect workspace. They are also Dealer’s of Texas Herman Miller Furniture house which makes and sells the world’s best office furniture’s, tables, desks, etc. That’s makes them accomplish the great Corporate Interior Design service for their clients with all the amenities. With their experienced staff and designers, they offer a full range of services like Space Planning and design, office furniture and accessories, delivery and installation, maintenance and repair and lot more. Including with this service, they also offer Asset management for their clients.

About II Spaces

II Spaces is a Furniture Dealer and Interior Design company in Addison, Texas. With more than 20 years of experience, they offered their services to more than 500 companies in and around Texas.  It is an MWBE Certified company by the Dallas/Ft. Worth Minority Business Development Council. Not only they plan and provide their service for the industrial sectors and corporate businesses, they also their services to design Healthcare office, public, and Government and live work, etc. Southwest, Perkins Coie, University of North Texas (UNT) and Ameritrade are some of the companies and places they worked. For more information about the Corporate Interior Design service, visit https://iispaces.com/our-solutions/corporate/


16837 Addison Road – Suite 500

Addison, TX 75001-56510

Phone: +1 972-716-9979

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