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Ethanol is a major alcoholic beverage that is found in spirits, ale, cider, wine and beer. Rise in consumption of alcohol in North America as well as Europe is anticipated to fuel the market growth over the future years. Varying lifestyle along with rise in demand of western culture in Asia-Pacific region is expected to propel the demand of alcohol in this region. This factor is projected to positively influence the growth of ethanol market over the forecast years.

Market Scenario:
Factors such as rising demand from end-user industries such as food & beverage and bio-fuel are also propelling this market growth. The rise in automotive industry is estimated to be the key driving factor for market growth over the future years. Ethanol is extensively used as either fuel or fuel additive in the automobile sector. Rise in disposable income along with population expansion is estimated to fuel the automotive sales as well as increase ethanol demand. High environmental concerns are expected to positively impact the demand for ethanol as fuel additive. The major countries have re-modeled their regulations so as to promote the usage of ethanol as bio-fuel in automotive sector.

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Various technical innovations coupled with low cost feedstock are anticipated to fuel ****** market growth. Industrial methylated spirits obtained by adding together methanol to ethanol finds its usage as a solvent in chemical industries as well as in domestic burners for cooking and heating purpose. The ethanol intake along with denatured alcohol is fatal as well as soporific in nature. These properties are projected to dampen the market growth and present challenges to industry participants. Across the world in the year 2007, the share of automotive needing liquid fuel was observed to be 100% and it is expected to decrease by more than 3% by 2020. The budding usage of hybrid fuel engine is likely to challenge the growth of this market over the forecast years.

Key Players:
• Diago.
• The Andersons Inc.
• United Breweries.
• AB Miller.
• Cargill Corporation.
• Archer Daniels Midland Compan.
• VeraSun Renewable Energy.

Regional Analysis :
• North America
• Europe
• Asia-Pacific (APAC)
• Middle East
• Africa (MEA)
• Latin America.

Based upon application, the ****** ethanol market was segmented into communication, transportation, health & hygiene, food safety, environment, textiles, recreation, housing, bio-medical, agriculture and others. The major demand for ethanol is raised from transportation application. Depending upon source, the ethanol market is classified into rapeseed, corn starch, rice, sugarcane, wheat, and soy bean. The U.S. utilizes corn starch at a foremost rate and South America use sugarcane as feedstock. The European ethanol market is obtained from rapeseed crop.

The North American market comes across as the chief regional market due to the usage of ethanol as fuel. The rigid government regulations fuelling the usage of bio-fuel to reduce environment pollution are projected to drive ethanol market growth in the region. However, the Asia-Pacific market is anticipated to grow at a high rate due to high demand from automotive industry. The increasing environmental concerns coupled with maturing oil & gas wells are expected to propel regional market growth.

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