****** Smart Textile Market Overview – Key Futuristic Trends and Opportunities

Market Scenario:

Smart textiles are fabrics that are manufactured with the incorporation of technologies that provide the wearer with an increased functionality. It senses and reacts to stimuli or environmental conditions, such as those from thermal, mechanical, magnetic, and other sources. The demand is also increasing with the increasing applications of smart textiles from the end-use industries. The smart textiles market for the military and defense application was the largest in 2014.

Textile-based materials are equipped with nanotechnology and electronics, which is the major factor that drives this market. However, active and intelligent textiles, when coupled with electronics, have the capacity of improving the conditions of the consumer and allow them to be comfortable in every state. Smart textiles also aids uniforms with a single, central power source.

Leading Key Players:

Some of the key players in the ****** smart textile market include AIQ Smart Clothing Inc., Clothing Plus Ltd., E. I. Du Pont De Nemours and Company, Gentherm Incorporated, Google Inc., Interactive Wear AG, Outlast Technologies LLC, Schoeller Technologies AG, Sensoria, Inc. and Textronics, Inc.

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Market Highlights:

Changing trend in wearable electronics industry is the prime factor that drives this market. Moreover, the diminishment of electronic components along with the raising demand of sophisticated gadgets with more advanced functions is another factors that propels the growth of this market, globally. In addition, the growth of low-cost of smart wireless sensor networks is also mounting the demand of smart textiles.

Smart textiles are widely used in medical, sports, personal protective equipment, geo-protection, military, and aerospace sectors; as it senses and monitors the need of consumer and acts accordingly. Thus, sensing functions is also responsible in swift demand of smart textile market and is expected to continue with the same pace during the forecast period.

High cost and the lack of exhaustive standards and regulations are the major restrictive factors that limits the growth of the smart textiles market. High initial price may detain its demand from the end-user industries.

Market Segments

The ****** smart textile market can be segmented on the basis of function, type, end-user and region.

  • On the basis of function, the ****** smart textile market can be segmented into sensing, energy harvesting, luminescence & aesthetics, thermo-electricity and others.
  • On the basis of type, the ****** smart textile market can be segmented into passive smart, active smart and ultra-smart.
  • On the basis of end-user, the ****** smart textile market can be segmented into military and protection, architecture, healthcare, sports and fitness, fashion and entertainment, automotive and others.
  • On the basis of region, the ****** smart textile market can be segmented into North America, Europe, Middle East & Africa, Asia-Pacific, and Latin America.

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