Coding and Marking System Market – Key Growth Factors and Industry Analysis 2016-2024

Coding and marking is one of the most important part of logistics and manufacturing process of industrial and consumer goods. Coding and marking systems is the equipment that is used to print the product specific details such as lot size, expiry date, manufacturing date and other related details on the product as well as on its packaging in order to provide the authentic information to the consumer.

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Apart from this it helps manufacturers to secure their brand against counterfeits prevailing in the global coding and marking system market. During the logistics process, an authorized individual in the value chain can track the goods from manufacturing unit till the time it leaves the retail store with the end-user or customer.

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Apart from the usage of tracking the products, these codes or marks are the factors that indicate the manufacturers focus towards brand building, product traceability, increased safety issues and quality assurance of the product.One of the significant factor that is driving the growth of global coding and marking system market is the growing retail sector

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Increasing demand for FMCG products on the backdrop of socio-economic and demographic factors such as increasing urbanization, growing population and the rising living standard. Moreover, the rising demand for food & beverage industry is another factor that is driving the growth of global coding and marking system market.

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