BrighterWhite Launches Home Teeth Whitening Products with 7 Day Results

With a worldwide reach with its home teeth whitening products, BrighterWhite launched its “Smiling World” program today that aims to help those having discolored teeth regain their natural white teeth. During the launch, the company said that its products are some of the best teeth whitening products on the market today, offering real results within 7 days. By offering a range of whitening products, it aims to expand its boundaries beyond Australia.  

BrighterWhite’s range of home teeth whitening products include various teeth whitening kits that come with a gel and trays to make the whitening process easier for users. The company claims that its products can whitening discolored teeth effectively. Among the discolorations that can be eliminated include those from smoking, drinking coffee and alcohol, or eating sweets and foodstuffs. The teeth whitening magic, as the company refers to it, is also capable of whitening teeth discolored due to use of water with fluoride and natural decay because of aging.

The company states that all these results are achievable within a span of 2 days from the first use. The whitening rate, however, is dependent on the extent of the discoloration. But desirable results will be achieved through continuous use for up to 7 days. While addressing those with teeth sensitivity issues, BrighterWhite claims that its teeth whitening gel is friendly to the sensitive teeth.

In addition, the company stated that its products are mindful about the eating habits of people and also cares about animal rights. According to it, the products are vegan friendly as well as free from animal cruelty. Due to these properties and several others, BrighterWhite stated that its products are the best at home teeth whitening remedy for those who lack a great smile due to discolored teeth.

The basic contents of the kits include Advanced Teeth Whitening Gel and Thermoforming Mouth Trays. Other items whose availability is dependent on the kit purchased are LED Accelerator Light, Advanced Teeth whitening Pen, Sanitary Mouth Tray Case and Desensitization Gel. The kits are priced at affordable rates, considering that the results achieved are quick, long-lasting and no side effects are experienced after use, as put forth by BrighterWhite.

BrighterWhite offers three simple steps that it claims can be used by virtually anyone without prior knowledge on how to use the kit. The simple steps demonstrated start with application of the gel to the trays. The second step involves fitting the trays on the teeth. The third and final step is simply leaving the tray in place for an hour or two. Repeating this procedure regularly for two days should give a sharp change in teeth color. By the seventh day, users should expect their teeth to be fully whitened.

BrighterWhite states that its teeth whitening kits have gained a lot of popularity among users in Australia as well as globally. Many users from around the globe have reported satisfactory results as promised by BrighterWhite. In a bid to reward users, the company has a 7 Day Smile Challenge where users get to share their before and after use results. The challenge is meant to increase awareness and prove to the rest of the world that the teeth whitening kits actually deliver the company’s promise. For those who are not satisfied with the results, BrighterWhite has a money back guarantee where users will get a refund for the money spent on the kit.

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